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a. a line along which two faces or surfaces of a solid meet
b. a line joining two vertices of a graph


A line along which two plane faces of a solid intersect.
A line segment connecting nodes or vertices in a graph (a geometric representation of the relation among situations).
The edge of a half plane is the line that bounds it. Also known as arc.


(1) The Web browser in Windows 10. See Edge browser.

(2) A type of Samsung smartphone with a wrap-around screen. See Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge.

(3) (EDGE) (Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution - or GSM Evolution) A 2.5G digital data service provided by GSM cellular carriers worldwide, including AT&T and T-Mobile in the U.S. Also called "Enhanced GPRS" (EGPRS), EDGE works on EDGE cellphones as well as laptops and portable devices that have EDGE modems. Superseding the GPRS data service, EDGE users have experienced downstream data rates up to 200 Kbps. When 3G or 4G service is unavailable, smartphones may drop down to the lower-speed EDGE service. See cellular generations, cellular vs. Wi-Fi, GSM, GPRS, TDMA and UWC-136.

Dual Support
If an iPhone 3G finds a 3G cell tower, it uses the higher HSDPA speed. However, it throttles down to EDGE (E) if a 3G HSDPA channel is not available. See HSPA.

Dual Support
If an iPhone 3G finds a 3G cell tower, it uses the higher HSDPA speed. However, it throttles down to EDGE (E) if a 3G HSDPA channel is not available. See HSPA.
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Presents the results of the dentofacial analysis Nr Parameter Observation Free Percent 1 Incisal edge Convexe 240 47,1% to lower lip curve(A) Straight (B) 231 45,3% Concave 31 6,1% curve(C) Covered(D) 8 1,6% 2 Upper lip Average(E) 184 36,1% High(F) 289 56,7% Low(G) 37 7,3% 3 Number of teeth 6-8(H) 351 68,8% exposed during smiling 9-11(I) 117 22,9% 12-14(J) 42 8,2% 4 Midline relation Centered (K) 301 59% of central incisors to facial Right of center 152 29,8% midline (L) Left of center 57 11,2% (M) Tab.
Although the diabetic rodents are older than the controls, the attrition was not as noticeable in the incisors, with the controls tending to have sharper incisal edges than the diabetic rodents.
All lower incisors displayed evidence of incisal edge wear.
Clinically fused anterior teeth frequently have a groove or notch on the incisal edge that goes in buccolingual direction and radiographically, the dentin of fused teeth always appears to be joined in some region with separate pulp chambers and canals.
Incisal edge reattachment: Indications for use and clinical technique.
On clinical examination, maxillary right central incisor showed complicated crown-root fracture extending from the center of the incisal edge going up to and beyond the cervical line subgingivally.
Incisal edge reattachment; indications for use and clinical technique.
INTRODUCTION: Talon cups are morphologically well-delineated, accessory talon-shaped cusps, projecting from the lingual or facial surface of the crown of incisors and extending at least half the distance from the cementoenamel junction to the incisal edge (1).
13 Foulger TE, Tredwin CJ, Gill DS, et al: The in uence of varying maxillary incisal edge embrasure space and interproximal contact area dimensions on perceived smile aesthetics.
He had experienced a bike accident that resulted in the avulsion of his maxillary left central and lateral incisor and incisal edge fracture of maxillary right central and lateral incisors.
The prepared facial surface is terminated at incisal edge.
Careful observation of large tooth revealed an indentation on the labial and palatal surface running from the incisal edge to the cervical margin almost dividing the crown into two halves and prominent cingulum on the palatal surface (Fig 1).