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###corresponding sides and included angle of the other, the
As shown in Figure 6, the compensating prism consists of two cuboid prisms, [p.sub.1] and [p.sub.2], which form an included angle y.
Dimple diameter (D, D'), distance (L), depth (h), and central included angle ([alpha]) are shown in Figure 3.
Through conventional triaxial compression tests on the shale, three failure modes were found by Niandou et al., which was affected by the included angle between joint plane and major principal stress, and confining pressure [5].
Calculate Visible Satellites Using the included angle between satellite, geocenter and the user to estimate whether the satellite is blocked by earth's shadow (Figure 5).
Four parameters were studied on these patients, which included angle between mandibular second molar(M2) and occlusal plane, angle between amdibular third molar(M3) and occlusal plane, distance between M3 and occlusal plane and retromolar distance.
During filming, the DVs are 12 m from the frame, 1.2 m from above the floor, the included angle of principle optic axis of two DVs is about 900 degrees, frame origin is 26 cm above the floor.
The concept of FA may be traced back to 1954.[sup][6] Billing believed that FA was an included angle between the anteversion plane, formed by the axes of the femoral neck and the femoral shaft, and the condylar plane, formed by the axes of the femoral condyle and the femoral shaft.
(Fleet angle, according to Bridon, is usually defined as the included angle between two lines--one that extends from a fixed sheave to the flange of a drum and the other that extends from the same fixed sheave to the drum in a line perpendicular to the axis of the drum.)
The exclusion criteria included severe hydronephrosis, ureterostenosis, and an included angle less than 45[degrees] between the pelvis ureter and funnel of lower calyceal.