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Inflammation of muscle. Also known as fibromyositis.
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inflammation of skeletal muscles. It usually affects the entire muscular system, that is, it occurs as polymyositis.

Myositis can occur in a variety of diseases and is generally a sign of collagen diseases, that is, systemic diseases of connective tissue. The disease may be acute, subacute, or chronic. Muscle symptoms are often combined with skin disturbances (reddening, edema, induration)—dermatomyositis. A particular form of the disease is parasitic myositis, which results from parasites (Trichinella, Echinococcus, Cysticercus) invading muscles. Another form is myositis ossificans, in which bony tissue forms in muscles. Patients complain of pain in the muscles, muscular weakness, and incoordination; muscular sclerosis and contractures develop in the later stages of the disease. Treatment includes hormone therapy, vitamin therapy, administration of analgesics, and, when indicated, antiparasitic therapy.


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