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1. not excluding any particular groups of people
2. Logic (of a disjunction) true if at least one of its component propositions is true



first person plural pronouns or verbal forms that indicate that the person to whom an utterance is addressed is included among the participants in an action. Inclusives are found in the Australian, Papuan, Indonesian, Melanesian, Polynesian, Dravidian, and Tibetan languages and in some North Caucasian languages—for example, the Indonesian kita, “we, including thee,” and the Avar niz, “we,” and nil, “we, including you.”


In domain theory, a predicate P : D -> Bool is inclusive iff

For any chain C, a subset of D, and for all c in C, P(c) => P(lub C)

In other words, if the predicate holds for all elements of an increasing sequence then it holds for their least upper bound.

("lub is written in LaTeX as \sqcup).
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