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1. not excluding any particular groups of people
2. Logic (of a disjunction) true if at least one of its component propositions is true



first person plural pronouns or verbal forms that indicate that the person to whom an utterance is addressed is included among the participants in an action. Inclusives are found in the Australian, Papuan, Indonesian, Melanesian, Polynesian, Dravidian, and Tibetan languages and in some North Caucasian languages—for example, the Indonesian kita, “we, including thee,” and the Avar niz, “we,” and nil, “we, including you.”


In domain theory, a predicate P : D -> Bool is inclusive iff

For any chain C, a subset of D, and for all c in C, P(c) => P(lub C)

In other words, if the predicate holds for all elements of an increasing sequence then it holds for their least upper bound.

("lub is written in LaTeX as \sqcup).
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Multinational company participants had lower levels of inclusiveness in allowing the poor to take on the role as employees but had relatively high scores for the entrepreneur entry point, the study said.
There were several such families, who together gave a new meaning to inclusiveness.
By helping us think of Egyptian society as a single unit, the principle of inclusiveness will strengthen and unify our society, doing away with the current social polarisation.
The leadership conference was timely and effective in formulating strategies for inclusiveness for faculty and administrators.
By inviting participants in our events and others to write and expand on why South-South trade, innovation and inclusiveness are crucial to global growth, we aim to provide our readers with the chance to be part of the wider and continued discussion, and to ensure that these goals are achieved in developing as well as developed economies.
In their report, the accounting firm highlights the work of faculty and administrators from colleges and universities across the nation who they say are embracing a culture of inclusiveness on their campuses.
While references are made to inclusiveness and building stronger communities, with particular focus given to the engagement in and outcomes from VET for Indigenous people, the underlying theme is the need for skills development for industry needs.
History shows that a progressive theology based on love and inclusiveness will always win out over time.
This report evaluated how well ONS is addressing inclusiveness and diversity issues.
A message of inclusiveness should be required of anyone in the sex-ed field.