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The buildup of slag or other material inside furnaces and kilns.



the phenomenon in which individual crystals or rock debris that were formed earlier are overgrown by a mineral aggregate. In encrustation the newly formed mineral is deposited in the form of granular crystalline drusoid crusts that cover fragments of brecciated ore or rock, sometimes in several layers, completely filling the cracks between the fragments. As a result, the ore (rock) assumes an encrustation texture.

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Furthermore, to install the TV, the pump column would have to be pulled, and this would give us a first-hand look at the incrustation.
If the TV shows incrustation, the offending material may best be removed by strong acid treatment.
losses caused by reduction in open area of the screen or perforated casing due to chemical incrustation.
Of interest to this case history, was the finding that an inefficient well, when pumped at an excessive rate, may cause incrustation at or near the hole/wall/screen-perforation interface.
Incrustation may take place on any kind of metal depending on the chemical character of the groundwater and requires some type of "workover" method to remove it.
Where proper conditions are present, stoppage or incrustation will occur regardless of the material used in the screen or casing, or even in the type of design or type of well construction.
Incrustation is usually of the first type, that is, incrustation that results from precipitation of compounds carried in solution in the groundwater.
Although only a part of the total incrustation, calcium carbonate is the fundamental binding mineral.
This incrustation can build up a cement-like wall, which will be relatively solid for several inches around the screen or perforated casing.
To accomplish this, five factors are generally considered to play a part in the reduction of this incrustation process:|10~
These factors not only lessen the possibility of trouble from incrustation, but at the same time, will reduce the cost of pumping.
Since excessive available oxygen is involved in the incrustation process, downhole packers or vacuum seals are used to isolate the aquifer (from atmospheric oxygen) if the pumping level is considerably above the top of the well intake area.