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Along this line, and bearing in mind the centrality of service within the Judeo-Christian tradition, I believe it is incumbent upon church-related colleges to ensure that service is an integral part of the culture of the campus.
It is incumbent upon police administrators to prepare their employees for such incidents by teaching them the signs and symptoms of critical incident stress and establishing policies that enable them to get help when they need it.
Each Principal realizes it is incumbent upon them to represent NRG in a way that is consistent with the firm's values.
Seema Zia said it was incumbent upon all Pakistanis to remember the less fortunate sections of the society, particularly during festivals like Eid.
The President said that it was incumbent upon all parties in the conflict in Syria to ensure that the sanctity of holy shrines and places of worship was maintained and these were not desecrated.
Therefore, any violations incumbent upon any staff member put those involved at direct legal pains the ministry concluded.
You'll Never Walk Alone and the Fields of Anfield Road, I was filled with indignation and felt it incumbent upon me to point out that these songs had been plagiarised for years by "reputable" stage and film companies.
Irrespective of the sins of the past, it is incumbent upon MTA to engage in rational decisions on their space utilization now," said Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.
It is incumbent upon all of us to help raise the necessary funds to accomplish this goal.
It is now incumbent upon the Air Force to make certain that promise is fulfilled.
The article appropriately pointed out that it is incumbent upon each of us to train sufficiently for each of the roles we undertake, including that of meeting facilitator.