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The middle one of three ossicles in the middle ear. Also known as anvil.
A supplementary cloud feature peculiar to cumulonimbus capillatus; the spreading of the upper portion of cumulonimbus when this part takes the form of an anvil with a fibrous or smooth aspect. Also known as anvil; thunderhead.



(also anvil), the middle auditory ossicle in mammals. The incus is homologous to the quadrate bone in lower vertebrates. Located in the cavity of the middle ear, it articulates with the malleus at its external end and with the stapes at its internal end. The incus, malleus, and stapes participate in the transmission of sound from the outer ear to the inner ear.

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Conclusion: As it does not have any additional cost and is easily shaped and biocompatibility problem is not encountered; we recommend using incus interposition primarily in incus defects.
ams will take full ownership of Incus, including all of its patent-protected IP.
Category Ossicular Defect Group-A Malleus handle intact & stapes intact, incus and head of malleus absent.
Founded at the Innovation Birmingham Campus in 2013, Incus Games comprises four acclaimed games developers, audio designers and script writers.
The purpose of this note is to mention Cloeodes incus for the first time for Argentina and to analyze hydrological and environmental characteristics of the sites where it was collected to improve the knowledge of the geographic distribution of Cloeodes incus.
Independent trustees, proposed by Incus and Hank Rhon and approved by the Board, will vote the shares.
When incus long process was found necrosed, the remnant of incus was removed.
A left postauricular type III tympanoplasty with an incus interposition graft and canaloplasty was performed.
In patients with safe CSOM lenticular process of the incus was eroded in 10 cases.
Second, they assert that a public hearing would compromise substantial individual privacy and reputational interests, not only of the Respondents themselves but also of the other individuals whose private dealings with Hank Rhon and Incus would be made part of the public proceedings.
The commonest type of ossicular chain erosion encountered in CSOM is necrosis of long process Of incus because of its anatomical position and the course of its blood supply (1)
Isolated absence of incus was noted in 10 ears with central perforation and 25 ears with sub-total perforation.