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The natural history of Chagas disease includes two phases: a short acute phase followed by a chronic phase [4], which can be classified into cardiac, digestive, or indeterminate forms [5].
cruzi infection: (i) patients with the Chagas disease cardiac form present TGF-[beta] serum levels higher than do patients with the indeterminate form [10], (ii) patients with higher TGF-[beta] levels present a worse clinical outcome [11], (iii) T.
In classical calculus, the indeterminate forms are [4]:
It is obvious that there are seven types of indeterminate forms in classical calculus [4],
Immune response analysis of the blood of patients with the cardiac and indeterminate forms has been used as an indirect means of searching for the presumed local immune defect, aiming to reveal a special immune signature that would explain why the parasite persists in the heart of CCC patients.
A significant proportion of chronically infected individuals develop the cardiac and digestive forms of the disease, but the largest fraction present the indeterminate form. Importantly, although many indeterminate patients remain asymptomatic for the rest of their lives, it is estimated that, each year, 2.5% of infected individuals evolve from the indeterminate to the clinical forms [40].
but I decided to use variously sized and shaped canvases, some of which were undulating white rectangles and some of which had indeterminate forms. I was interested in creating an entire space by installing the canvases at random points in the upper and lower portions of the wall, and I also wanted to incorporate the shadows of the undulations in the paintings by projecting lights on them.
To what extent does a society's decision to constitutionalise individual rights require its judiciary to engage in ultimately indeterminate forms of moral reasoning, as opposed to traditional forms of legal analysis?
Dynamic geometry software such as Cabri3D [Cabri3D], ClassPad Manager [ClassPad], Geometer's Sketchpad [GSketchpad], and Geometry Expressions [GExpressions] avoid the analytical indeterminate forms by working directly with the geometric objects--circles, lines, intersections, projections,....
In particular, it was shown how indeterminate forms can compromise the reliability of numerical computations and how the absence of uniform convergence with respect to a parameterization of a curve can lead to misleading symbolic and graphical results.
For the sake of my argument I will highlight two recent examples of proposed solutions: one which exploits the concept of "indeterminate forms"(6) and the other which utilizes "infinitesimals" and "Internal Set Theory" in its endeavors.(7)
Beginning with the 'Fun Palace' and 'Potteries Thinkbelt', Cedric Price began exploring the impact of information technologies on indeterminate forms of architecture whose invisible attributes were as important, if not more important than any physical or formal aspects.