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index number,

in econometrics, a figure reflecting a change in value or quantity as compared with a standard or base. The base usually equals 100 and the index number is usually expressed as a percentage. For example, if a commodity cost twice as much in 1970 as it did in 1960, its index number would be 200 relative to 1960. Index numbers are used especially to compare business activity, the cost of living, and employment; one of the most influential indexes in the United States is the Consumer Price Index (see under cost of livingcost of living,
amount of money needed to buy the goods and services necessary to maintain a specified standard of living. The cost of living is closely tied to rates of inflation and deflation.
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). Index numbers enable economists to reduce unwieldy business data into easily understood terms.


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index number

a measure which shows average changes over a period of time in the price, quantity or value of one, or a collection, of items. The RETAIL PRICE INDEX and the Index of Production are examples of indices that measure a collection (basket) of items. Any series of figures can be put into index form. In a time series the chosen base year is set to 100 and all the changes are calculated relative to that base year. If there is only one variable in the index, this is done by obtaining the ratio of the current value to the base year value and multiplying by 100:

If an index, for example the Index of Average Price of New Dwellings, contains only one variable, the calculation of the Index is straightforward. The construction of composite indices has to take into consideration the choice of items to be included, their availability and reliability he need for weights, and the method of calculation. Most indices are weighted to reflect the relative importance of the various items. A Laspeyres index uses weights fixed in the base year. As time goes on this can make the weighting system unrepresentative. A Paasche index uses weights from the current year. This retains representation but makes comparison more difficult. One technique to overcome lack of representation is to relate the changes in the index to the previous year instead of the base year. This is known as ‘chain basing’. Index numbers can also be re-based, i.e. a more recent year is used for the base year.

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index number

[′in‚deks ‚nəm·bər]
A number indicating change in magnitude, as of cost or of volume of production, as compared with the magnitude at a specified time, usually taken as 100; for example, if production volume in 1970 was two times as much as the volume in 1950 (taken as 100), its index number is 200.
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Three approaches, namely, growth accounting approach, index number approach, and econometric approach are commonly used to measure TFP growth.
On the contrary, three of the main sections constituting the index for the cost of living have registered a decrease in their index numbers topped by the section of clothing and footwear by (0.4%) and the section of communication by (0.4%), then the section of Transportation (0.1%), while the two sections of tobacco, and Health and Education remained at their same level of their previous month without any relative change, the CDSI said in its report.
After typing the index number in the above format, send the SMS message to any of the following phone numbers: 51818, 56263, 58888, 5676750, 56388 and 54242.
Historically, there are two main approaches to measure the index number: the functional approach and the stochastic approach.
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It covered index number theory and its practical implications relating to the choice of index number formula at lower and higher levels of aggregation.
The latest to be taken was a green MG convertible, index number N21 OGC, stolen from Penmaen Avenue in Oakdale.
The April report on services by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply and the Royal Bank of Scotland records headline growth with an index number of 57.2 on a scale where anything over 50 indicates expansion, a buoyant outcome, but still the lowest reading since last September.
The higher the index number, the more favorable conditions are for Oregon's small businesses.
But the buying from China mentioned by Benge began to be felt by March, with prices climbing steadily since then to an index number of 184 by June.
Engeltone Violet 1118 pigment (color index number: violet 52) falls within the color space of quinacridone violet.
Engeltone Violet 1118 pigment has been assigned the color index number of pigment violet 52 and falls within the color space of quinacridone violet.