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(not the same as other plants called “groundnut”) A vine with edible beans and tuberous roots. red/brown/purple flowers. One of the most popular edible plant foods of North American indians. Very high in starch and protein (3x more than potatoes). Very popular steamed, roasted, boiled etc. Sometimes there are entire strings of potato-like bulges growing along a root or stem, like a beaded necklace.
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The protesters issued ultimatum to the government to ban import of Indian potato by December 28, otherwise, the protest would spread countrywide.
Indian potatoes with black and yellow mustard seeds SERVES 6 | 40 MINUTES Wonderful served with spiced lamb chops, yogurt, and tomato chutney.
The first consignment of Indian potatoes, comprising 20 to 25 trucks, arrived on Monday at Wahga border in Lahore city.
The standard Indian potatoes (we have more than 2,000 varieties of them!), they said, were small and had a high water content (15-20 per cent), which turns them into sponges that soak in cooking oil.
100,000, about 30 quintals of Indian potatoes and other vegetables and fruits.
It added that higher tax imposed against the Indian potatoes would encourage the Pakistani farmers to increase their crop yield.
Also known as groundnuts or Indian potatoes. Packed under Frieda's Lost Crops of the Americas line.
Quality attributes of Indian Potatoes for export: Priorities and Possibilities.
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