indicated mean effective pressure

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indicated mean effective pressure (IMEP)

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The average pressure produced in the combustion chamber during the operating cycle. It is an expression of the theoretical, frictionless power known as indicated horsepower. In addition to completely disregarding power lost to friction, indicated horsepower gives no indication as to how much actual power is delivered to the propeller shaft for doing useful work. However, it is related to actual pressures that occur in the cylinder and can be used as a measure of these pressures. IMEP is equal to brake mean effective pressure (BMEP) plus friction mean effective pressure (FMEP).
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These investigations included the rail pressure, start of injection (SOI), amount of diesel injected, lambda ([lambda]), manifold air temperature (MAT), indicated mean effective pressure (IMEP), methane number (MN), compression ratio (CR).
As a basis for the analysis of the measurement data the mathematical method for the calculation of the indicated work [W.sub.i], the indicated mean effective pressure IMEP and indicated efficiency [[eta].sub.i] is described at first.