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or mode,
in verb inflection, the forms of a verb that indicate its manner of doing or being. In English the forms are called indicative (for direct statement or question or to express an uncertain condition, e.g.
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The 10th EDF Regional Indicative Programme (2008-2013) for West Africa had a budget of E595 million.
The Ministry suggested an alternative to the indicative ceiling proposals, he said, adding that although the proposed alternative was restricted to the inevitable commitments, the deficit is still high and exceeds the safe limits as a result of the continuation of the structural imbalance and the increase of the current expenditure at the expense of investment spending.
A legal conflict has occurred between German automotive companies and the Egyptian Customs Authority, due to the application of the indicative prices on cars at the start of the year.
In both main varieties of Livonian--Salaca and Courland Livonian--the present tense form of the reported indicative is marked by the suffix -(j)i, e.
Mr Harris would neither confirm or deny with the Telegraph he was among the earlier indicative bidders.
The Board of WestSide continues to assess the Indicative Proposal alongside other strategic options available to the Company.
Prior to this the indicative Net Asset Values per share were as follows:
These incidents were very unfortunate incidents indicative of the challenges that we still have, indicative of the weaknesses that we still have,'' he said.
According to ASUR the indicative proposal includes proposed terms for an acquisition of shares representing 42.
Indicative Software today announced two new customers in Europe that have adopted its all-in-one product for managing quality of delivery of business-critical IT-dependent services.
It's a commonplace among philosophers that what so innocently malingers in indicative language as, "If Bennett didn't write this excellent Guide, then someone else did," can rapidly morph by a little fancy into the eyebrow-arching subjunctive/counterfactual, "If Bennett hadn't written this marvelous work, then someone else would have.
This frank statement is indicative of the openness with which Guy-Bray acknowledges the personal and political values that lie behind his interest in the subject of his study, one concerned "not solely [.