indicator light

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pilot light

1. A light which is associated with and indicative of the operation of a circuit, control, or device.
2. A small flame (which burns constantly) used to ignite the burner in a gas appliance.
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"CPAs, such as Rating Assignment Officers, establish and monitor qualification weights reflected in the indicator lights displayed to Sailors," said ABCM(AW) Bill Place, Enlisted Assignments leading chief petty officer at Navy Personnel Command in Millington.
Many dashboard icons are recognizable to the average motorist, including the seatbelt indicator light, low fuel light and turn signals.
Holstein's Multi Maker has a non-slip base, a safety lock, and a red indicator light which turns on and off as it reaches its maximum cooking temperature.
The USB HubDog comes with a green indicator light that lights up when the USB hub is connected.
The pilot of the Ryanair flight which was heading to Agadir in Morocco from Liverpool's John Lennon Airport made the U-turn after a fire indicator light was activated in the cockpit, an airport spokesman confirmed.
The flight, which was on its way from Portland to Denver, was forced to land after an indicator light revealed that an inflatable emergency slide had deployed.
The Models have a new topside handle, an integral Jeepmeter with digital readout and a visible positive ground indicator light, and feature a louder alarm.
A control panel integrates the safety switch indicator light, linked to the motion detector switch in the base of the magnet, to visually alert users to the possibility of non-secure magnetic operation, and a light to indicate power feed is activated.
It features an auto-reset button; volume, tempo, and tone switches; and a low-battery indicator light. The alarm, which comes with three AAA batteries, can be used with or without the eight-foot nurse call cable.
Automatic start/stop and a bag-full/door-open shutoff and indicator light are two of its safety features.