Indigo Carmine

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indigo carmine

[′in·də·gō ′kär·mən]
(organic chemistry)
C16H8N2Na2O8S2 A dark blue powder with coppery luster; used as a dye in testing kidney function and as a reagent in detecting chlorate and nitrate. Also known as soluble indigo blue.
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Indigo Carmine


the disodium salt of indigo-5, 5’-disul-fonic acid, derived by sulfonating indigo. Readily soluble in water, it is used to make inks and food colors and as a chemical indicator. Indigo carmine is not used as a textile dye because of its poor resistance to light.


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Furthermore, it is unclear if cystoscopy would be as predictive of ureteral injury without the use of indigo carmine, which is no longer available at most institutions.
[72] compared random biopsy during WLE with CE (indigo carmine and quadrantic biopsies) and eCLE (with targeted versus random biopsies).
This was determined as described above for the conversion of indigo carmine to isatin sulfonate, except that, during the reaction, indigo carmine was replaced by 4-vinylbenzoic acid, and during HPLC, 4-vinylbenzoic acid and 4-carboxybenzaldehyde standards were used instead of indigo carmine and isatin sulfonate standards.
There were no issues during the operation until the surgical team requested the anesthesia team to give 5 ml of indigo carmine (0.8% sodium indigotindisulfonate USP solution, America Regent Company, Shirley, NY, USA) intravenously to ensure that neither ureter was injured during prostatectomy.
(7) The reaction of oxygen with the indigo carmine allows the colorimetric method to duplicate the change in concentration seen in actual wine storage.
The volume or reaction mixture was 25 ml, and substrate's baseline concentration was 70.3 mcmol/l for indigo carmine and 250 mcmol/l for 3-nitropherol.
The change in concentration of the indigo carmine was recorded by change in color using spectrophotometer.
Researchers and engineers in biotechnology, chemistry, materials science, textiles, and other fields discuss the interface between biotechnology and textile processing from such perspectives as the enzymatic modification of hemp fibers for the sustainable production of high quality materials, and laccase catalyzed indigo carmine transformation.
The study he reported tested two other new methods for improving endoscopy sensitivity: indigo carmine chromoendoscopy (ICC), and narrow-band imaging (NBI).
Dolly mixture sweets and flying saucers are among the children's products which have been reformulated to remove colourings such as Quinoline Yellow (E104), Cochineal (E120), and Indigo Carmine (E132).
Colourings to avoid in kids' food and drink: E102 Tartrazine; E104 Quinoline Yellow; E107 Yellow 2G; E110 Sunset Yellow; E120 Cochineal; E122 Carmoisine; E123 Amaranth; E124 Ponceau 4R; E127 Erthrosine; E128 Red 2G; E129 Allura Red; E131 Patent Blue V; E132 Indigo Carmine; E133 Brilliant Blue FCF; E142 Green S; E151 Black PN; E154 Brown FK; E154 Brown HT .
9 Colours - Quinoline yellow E104, brilliant blue E133, sunset yellow E110, carmoisine E122, ponceau 4R E124 and indigo carmine E132 are artificial dyes that have been linked to health problems in small children.