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29, predicated their actions on the grounds that the indirect system of voting if allowed would not provide a fair and level playing ground for all participants.
The system is an indirect system whereby a pump is used to circulate hot fluid between solar collector and the hot tank.
"Weapons smugglers appear to have shifted from direct delivery of weapons to the Bahraini mainland (by boat) to an indirect system of dropping water-proofed weapons in Bahraini waters, with militants undertaking pick-up themselves to lessen the risk to smugglers," says the report.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and the Agriculture Department have jointly launched a direct subsidy on fertilizers program, replacing the earlier indirect system used to provide subsidy to farmers by cutting down the price of fertilizers to ensure maximum transparency and evaluation mechanism.
These systems can be applied in direct or indirect system solutions.
In this study, half of cell culture plate is coated with alginate hydrogel containing BMP-2 (direct system) and half of cell culture plate is coated with only alginate hydrogel without BMP-2 (indirect system) (Figure 3).
However, under this complex, indirect system of election, a candidate may capture a majority of the popular vote nationwide, yet lose the electoral vote.
Under Myanmar's indirect system for electing a president, three candidates are nominated -- one by the lower house, one by the upper house, and one by the military bloc in parliament, who under the constitution hold a quarter of seats in both houses.
One is an indirect system where a primary loop, typically containing an HFC refrigerant, is used to cool a fluid in a secondary loop that is then circulated via a pump.
In an active direct system, the water being pumped through the solar collector is the same water that will be used for domestic hot water or radiant space heating, while in an active indirect system the fluid circulating through the collector never comes into contact with the end use water.
They maintained their authority through their collaboration with the indirect system of colonial rule.