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Just as a military with a doctrine that emphasizes maneuver and indirection needs an organizational structure that is decentralized, has low levels of standardization, and has high levels of horizontal integration, it needs an organizational culture that values initiative, innovation and creativity, adaptability and flexibility, and risk-taking.
If Aphoria coheres, it does so by indirection, which makes judging the book's accomplishment tough.
Nowhere was such indirection so evident and artistically significant as when it came to the Holocaust, the epicenter of rupture between modern and postmodern.
Here the shifting indirection of the imagery achieves an intimacy with the natural world through quick, visual accuracies.
My article, however, moves beyond a mere exposition of Spohn's ideas in two substantive ways: first, by showing how the grace of indirection is a concept with deep connections to long-standing theological convictions about God, Jesus, and the Spirit; and second, by offering an extended example of what the grace of indirection might look like relative to a contemporary short story by Tim Gautreaux.
We are given a glimpse of his nature even in the opening when he leads us to believe he is taking us to meet Odysseus but swerves instead to Olympus and then Ithaca, and throughout he gives us dialogue in which only the simple-minded characters actually say what they really mean and take words at face value whereas the clever characters work out the message underlying the words spoken by those conveying meaning by indirection.
Strategies of indirection are well-illustrated in the case study that runs throughout the book to animate and give concretness to Nieman's theory.
They are nimble, high-spirited, a bit rococo, painted with considerable indirection as if by an artist delighted with the tricks he can play on himself--good paintings, complicated paintings, with a genuine feeling for color and for the endless ways that paint can land on canvas, though not necessarily good in the way I'd expect in a gallery that shows artists like Claire Fontaine, Wade Guyton, Fabrice Gygi, Reena Spaulings--or Sechas.
A golf course rendezvous the following day sees David's attempts at indirection utterly fail to deflect Sam's thirst for approval, his criticisms bursting out more crudely for having been repressed.
If the function of a living poetry is communication From My Mouth to Your Ear fulfills that function without cluttering the lines with unneeded indirection or symbolism.
Since God cannot be experienced directly, it is through indirection, in this case through the space God inhabits, that the believer can come to know this living God.
Their topics include metaphor as the cognitive framework, induction and indirection as the interpersonal framework, the multiple embedded metaphor framework, and the force of closure.