induction coil

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induction coil

a transformer for producing a high voltage from a low voltage. It consists of a cylindrical primary winding of few turns, a concentric secondary winding of many turns, and often a common soft-iron core

induction coil

[in′dək·shən ‚kȯil]
A device for producing high-voltage alternating current or high-voltage pulses from low-voltage direct current, in which interruption of direct current in a primary coil, containing relatively few turns of wire, induces a high voltage in a secondary coil, containing many turns of wire wound over the primary.

Induction coil

A device for producing a high-voltage alternating current or high-voltage pulses from a low-voltage direct current. The largest modern use of the induction coil is in the ignition system of internal combustion engines, such as automobile engines. Devices of similar construction, known as vibrators, are used as rectifiers and synchronous inverters. See Ignition system

The illustration shows a typical circuit diagram for an induction coil. The primary coil, wound on the iron core, consists of only a few turns. The secondary coil, wound over the primary, consists of a large number of turns.

Induction coils of a different type are used in telephone circuits to step up the voltage from the transmitter and match the impedance of the line. The direct current in the circuit varies in magnitude at speech frequencies; therefore, no interrupter contacts are necessary. Still another type of induction coil, called a reactor, is really a one-winding transformer designed to produce a definite voltage drop for a given current. See Reactor (electricity)

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Channel Furnaces--In channel furnaces a U-shaped channel at or near the bottom of the furnace wraps around an iron core wound with an air-or water-cooled copper induction coil.
Because it can use the induction coil for mold preheating, the REPS unit can usually produce good parts within three to seven shots, according to Seres.
to assemble, load and unload cores, plus two Electrovert LMD 2000 core-casting machines and two induction melt-out systems purchased through Electrovert and based on induction coils from Inductoheat.
From a signal through the thermocouple embedded in the roll surface, mist volume and power to the induction coil are automatically controlled; whenever there is an external heat input, the roll surface temperature is precisely maintained.
Let the total magnetic flux in each induction coil of a TCR antenna be [[PHI].
The induction coil (invented by Irish priest Nicholas Callan) was a powerful new source of electricity that generated yet more spectacular effects.
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To sum up the method briefly, firstly an induction coil has to be taken from the Touchstone case and should be attached to the inside of the Galaxy Note 2's back cover.
What the Evatran system essentially consists of is a floor-mounted unit that contains an induction coil connected to the grid.
The induction coil, placed in 'interior position (as can be seen in Fig.
This is achieved by optimising the ratio of the dimensions of the induction coil and the body of the heater, lining the induction heater with a refractory material, selection of the shape of the crucible, covering the surface of the metal with the refractory cover and, most importantly, special position of the induction coil in relation to the heated component.