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In order to evaluate the main difference in induction period as a function of antioxidant additions, the grape seed oil and vitamin E were bought from compounding pharmacies based on Dourados-MS, brazil and the Eugenol (R.G.
Sample The end time of the The appear time of the second induction period (h) exothermic peak (h) Pure 1.3 7.9 cement + 0.05% 1.7 8.3 EAC + 0.05% 2.2 9.2 DMO + 0.05% 1.8 10.6 TG +0.05% 4.2 10.4 TMP +0.05% 2.2 10.9 TB Sample Second exothermic peak Total heat release (J/g) exothermic rate (J/g-h) 24 h 48 h 72 h Pure 14.2 295.0 374.0 416.6 cement + 0.05% 14.8 311.3 396.8 443.5 EAC + 0.05% 15.6 325.6 418.1 468.4 DMO + 0.05% 17.7 330.0 430.1 482.2 TG +0.05% 13.2 266.7 345.2 389.0 TMP +0.05% 16.3 311.8 411.2 463.7 TB Table 5: Pore structural parameters of hardened cement.
According to Rossel, oxidative stability of oils is directly linked with the induction period. The IP (Rancimat, 20 L/ h, 120degC) of cottonseed oil was determined in the range of 1.95-2.65 h [20].
At 150 [degrees]C there is an induction period of 8 hours before the rate increases until a plateaus is reached after 72 hours.
The induction period is the length of time until progressive oxidation exponentially accelerates the generation of oil degradation compounds (Kristott, 2000).
Induction period. The results of induction period of different treatments of high oleic butter oils are presented in Table 5.
Moreover, we also found that the added alkaline cations could shorten the induction period of the catalytic oxidation.
Highest vitamin C level (94.8 and 61mg 100[g.sup.-1]) in calli induced with 4.14[micro]M PIC + 0.207[micro]M KIN was obtained, followed by 8.28[micro]M PIC + 4.14[micro]M KIN, both during the induction period, respectively.
Moreover, all patients in this group were treated with prophylactic sulfamethoxazole compound tablets during the induction period routinely from the beginning of induction therapy, at a daily dose of 25 mg/kg (4 days consecutively with 3-days interval).
By analysing the processes at the end of the induction period, it can be assumed that this period ends between 15 and 18 h.
Safdar Ali, Vice Chairman of Shaheen Air International, said the airline has witnessed rapid induction period in the aviation industry of the world as 18 aircraft were inducted in 18 months including replacement of old aircrafts with new.