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inductive coupling plasma system with mass spectrometry detection (icp-ms).
For the inductive coupling (of all 3 phases of the cable), all electrical parameters of the cable were modelled and calculated in accordance with (1)-(22).
However, for high-temperature, high-speed, high-reliability, or multichannel systems, chip-level galvanic isolation based on capacitive or inductive coupling is more appropriate and cost-efficient compared with an optocoupler approach.
There are three major ways to accomplish a near-field WPT: (1) capacitive coupling based on electric fields, (2) inductive coupling based on magnetic fields, and (3) magnetic resonant inductive coupling.
Therefore, various passive wireless sensors have been designed and applied to these particular environments, most of which are based on the mechanism of inductive coupling [2-5].
[9.] Covic, G.A, Kissin, M.L.G., Kacprzak, D., Clausen, N., et al.: 'A bipolar primary pad topology for EV stationary charging and highway power by inductive coupling', Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE), 2011, pp.
The SSN is due to mutual inductive coupling and interconnections of power delivery networks (PDNs).
According to White, Compass' Powershelf system is a highly configurable turnkey platform that's battery-free, featuring inductive coupling technology enabling live two-way communication between the shelf edge and any stakeholders, decreasing labor expenses and environmental impact.
* Wireless Power Consortium (Qi standard), which uses close proximity inductive coupling as well as magnetic resonance solutions.
IRISS E Sentry Connect-IR uses the principle of inductive coupling to transfer information between the tag and the smart phone.
The calculation involves an inductive coupling term and a capacitive coupling term.
"Combined with a lens and reflector, the 3W high efficiency LED produces a bright, uniform luminous flux of 200 lumen at the TX 40 and 114 lumen at the TX 20, which ensures optimum illumination of the work area." The CX40 and CX20 charger units use an inductive coupling system.