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ABB puts a premium on designing and maintaining our customer's safety and run-time efficient operations by striving to build the most secure and robust industrial controllers," said Kai Hansen, senior principal scientist at ABB Corporate Research.
With a passion of "Productizing ideas", e-con realizes the concept of customers into final products and so far has developed Industrial data loggers, handheld platforms like Digital signage, Industrial Controllers, HD Camera solutions, Point of Sale terminals and Reference platforms with Windows CE Operating System.
In order to respond to these issues, the Hitachi Group created a series of next-generation industrial controllers to accommodate IoT and global rollout.
The new PHYs, optimised for existing industrial Ethernet protocols used in industrial automation products, offer high-speed industrial connectivity and advanced cable diagnostics, addressing the needs of system designers in the industrial automation market to interconnect industrial controllers from different manufacturers throughout a process plant.
As a result, engineers developing high-integrity control systems can streamline the certification of their industrial controllers programmed using IEC 61131-3 structured text generated by Simulink PLC Coder.
Toshiba Corporation today announced that the company's unified controller nv-safety series type1s industrial controllers has received IEC 61508 (2010) (SIL3) certification for functional safety from TUV SUD, the German international certification organization.
Applications include mobile wireless communications, dedicated short range communications, SONET/SDH/DEWM/ATM, 1G/2G/4G/10G fiber channel, 1G/10G gigabit Ethernet, storage area networks, broadband access, digital video, phase-locked loops (PLLs), digital network switching, microprocessors/SDP/FPGA, test equipment, and industrial controllers.
The company said the HD Mezz and SEARAY connectors provide multiple benefits on personality or expansion cards for use in networking and telecomms equipment, mid and high-range computers, medical equipment, military products and industrial controllers.

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