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social media

The online forms of communication that individuals and companies use to share information with interested parties (friends, colleagues, customers, etc.). Social media include microblogging sites such as Twitter and social networking sites such as Facebook. A primary feature of social media is that people actively follow someone who is posting content, and they are able to respond. For example, users can resend (retweet) messages on Twitter and reply to posts on Facebook. See retweet.

Ordinary blogs may allow feedback, and some websites do as well, but social media is all about spreading information to participating users. Contrast with "industrial media," which refer to professionally produced radio, TV and film.

Fake News
A downside to social media is that erroneous news can travel as fast or faster than genuine news. Posting false information on Facebook or retweeting a message can cause problems with just about anything from politics to community affairs to the reputation of an individual or organization. As with user-generated content, there is no oversight or vetting. Nobody envisioned major disruption could be a consequence of social media when it took off in the mid-2000s. See viral content, new media, social networking site, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, podcast and user-generated content.
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The main contribution of this research was to show a systematic procedure to develop a low cost industrial media for biobutanol production from sweet sorghum.
Interactivity no longer occurs just in the ICT world; television and other industrial media forms have had to leave their sets and offices and go down to the street to observe and listen to the new habits that are being generated.
From neutral to contaminated fluids, the Type 330 direct acting solenoid valve with isolating diaphragm is unaffected by the toughest industrial media.
Charles Kirk, vice president of the Industrial Products Division, will be in charge of converting, sales and distribution of industrial media and products, while James Dickman was named vice president of finance.
CTU8000 is compatible with most industrial media and is for pressure ranges from 15 psi to 500 psi gauge.
The purpose of Title VI grants is to support state and local efforts to accomplish national education goals and to provide a continuing source of innovation, and educational improvement, including support for library services and industrial media materials.
com)-- During the show, Korenix presented its latest solutions to Factory Automation and IoT, using its Industrial Ethernet Switches, Industrial Power-over-Ethernet Switches, Industrial Wireless Solutions, Industrial Media Converters, etc.
Provide all labor, material and equipment required to provide and perform installation of 24 count single mode fiber optic cable in supplied customer ducts throughout the Waste Water Treatment Facility, 3906 South Halstead, Hutchinson; install fiber splice/patch panel, industrial media convert at each remote SCADA location; provide managed fiber optics switch at plant control room; provide all fiber splicing and patch cords.
Despite both being media of large communication, the social media holds advantage over the traditional industrial media as even individuals with smaller means can start in this business without a hitch.
According to preliminary statistics, a total of nearly 200 central-administrated media, financial media, industrial media and local media delivered reports on cippe.
com)-- Advancenet is a trusted partner of Korenix, selling Korenix high quality products including Industrial Ethernet Switches, Industrial PoE Switches, Industrial Wireless Solutions, Industrial Media Converter, Industrial Computer, etc.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Industrial Media Converter And Printer

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