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These results ensure that the developed FE model is reliable to simulate the inelastic behavior of the CFS shear walls and to be used in the parametric study.
Furthermore, an extensive study mainly concentrated on cyclic inelastic behavior simulation based on the experimentally determined back stress and drag stress was conducted by Taguchi and Uno [12].
The isotropic behavior of rocks, according to the maximum shear stress theory, assumes that when a rock behaves elastically, the ratio of tensile to compressive strength is almost unity; and rock failure is defined as an initiation of inelastic behavior in rock (Farmer, 1968; Roberts, 1977).
The CDP model used herein uses concepts of isotropic damage in combination with isotropic tensile and compressive plasticity to represent the inelastic behavior of concrete (Lubliner et al.
The damping is often increased in linear analysis to approximate energy losses due to anticipated inelastic behavior [30].
Roubcek, A rate-independent model for inelastic behavior of shapememory alloys, Multiscale Model.
Known for his work in earth-quake-resistant design of concrete structures, Wight's recent research has concentrated on the strength and inelastic behavior of connections in composite structures (reinforced concrete and steel) and the use of high-performance fiber reinforced concrete composites for earthquake-resistant design of critical members in concrete structures.
The viscoelastic behavior of the solutions show that cotton pulp cellulose/BmimCl solutions show viscous, inelastic behavior at low frequency, and more elastic at higher frequency.
Kenneth et al (1990) developed an analytical modeling scheme to assess the damageability of reinforced concrete buildings experiencing inelastic behavior under earthquake loads.
More recent advances contain not only linear elastic contact theories but also include inelastic behavior (4).