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(messaging, application)
A Unix program for posting Usenet news articles, written by Rich $alz <> for InterNetNews. inews reads an article (perhaps with headers) from a file or standard, adds some headers and possibly a signature, and, if the article passes some consistency checks (too much quoting, non-existent newsgroup) then inews sends the article to the local news server for distribution.

If an unapproved posting is made to a moderated newsgroup, inews will try to send the article to the moderator (specified in a configuration file) by electronic mail.

Version: 1.25, dated 1993/03/18.

Unix manual page: inews(1).
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Garrett Goodman, director of business development, EMEA, at Wochit, said: "We're delighted to have been chosen to work with inews.
While the plan here was to build the outer-lying global network first, the team knew that Doha was the ultimate priority as the iNEWS legacy system had reached the end of its life.
During the next ten years Tsui built, tested and classified every type of microwave receiver system that was considered a plausible candidate for the multimillion dollar INEWS program.
Enhanced field journalist capabilities with native apps for iOS devices that let reporters create, browse, and edit iNEWS stories and review Interplay video sequences from wherever they are working.
The full MediaCentral solution includes an upgraded iNEWS newsroom control system with iNEWS Command and Media Composer | NewsCutter; ISIS | 5000 shared storage; 12 channels of AirSpeed 5000, Interplay | Capture and Interplay Archive.
As part of the implementation, KIT digital enhanced the existing Avid iNEWS News-room Computer System (NRCS) configura- tion, to allow journalists and news editors to flag specific clips to be automatically exported to the Web.
The newly released application delivers the IMC iNews, podcasts, and IMCTV Video and other aviation related content to a pilot's Android wireless device in a format that is easy to read and browse.
The ITT and TRW demonstration subsystems also will be equipment generated with IR&D; according to a TI source, they will be related to ITT's ASPJ and TRW's INEWS work.
0 -- Building on its industry-leading newsroom management, news creation and playback control capabilities, iNEWS 4.
Contract award notice: sw support inews content management system.
MediaCentral | UX provides the remote working required, with real-time access to production assets, metadata and iNEWS stories.
For example, Raytheon and TRW have teamed in an effort to win the program, hoping to capitalize on the former's monopulse jamming and B-1B line replaceable unit (LRU) experience and the latter's INEWS technology.