infantile sexuality

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infantile sexuality:

see psychoanalysispsychoanalysis,
name given by Sigmund Freud to a system of interpretation and therapeutic treatment of psychological disorders. Psychoanalysis began after Freud studied (1885–86) with the French neurologist J. M.
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infantile sexuality

[′in·fən‚tīl ‚sek·shə′wal·əd·ē]
An infant's or child's capacity for and enjoyment of activities and experiences that are essentially sexual.
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Foucault, who was already known in America, looked on while his paper on infantile sexuality, an attack on radical academics who mistook their verbal pronouncements against repression for political action, was read aloud by a friend in English.
Humbert's character in the novel is a game mocking the standard psychoanalytic cant about infantile sexuality, pedophilia, and sexual fixation.
Jews, he points out, have been responsible for communism, infantile sexuality and the atomic bomb.

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