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Aquatic animals which live in the bottom sediment of a body of water.



animals dwelling in bottom sediments of seas, rivers, lakes, and ponds. They include many mollusks, echinoderms, segmented and round worms, insect larvae, some fishes, stone borers (some sponges, mollusks, sea urchins), and wood borers (the mollusk Teredo, some crustaceans). Infauna is categorized by the type of sediment in which it dwells: pelophilic (in ooze), psammophilic (in sand), lithophilic (in stones), and argillophilic (in clay). Most species of infauna feed on detritus. Certain forms of infauna carry out daily and seasonal vertical migrations. Infauna is important as a source of food for fishes that feed on bottom-dwelling animals (benthos).

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cuprea tubes provide refugia for infauna (Woodin, 1978, 1981) and habitat for mobile epibenthic fauna (Diaz et al.
2], nas mesmas camaras); entretanto, observou-se uma clara diferenca temporal sendo que, inicialmente, os organismos bentonicos eram muito mais abundantes que depois da instalacao dos cultivos; entre as cinco especies identificadas, se destacam por sua densidade, em especial na primeira amostragem, os poliquetas Heteromastus similis, Nephtys fluviatilis e Laeonereis acuta, e o pelecipode Erodona mactroides (Tabela 2), todos tipicamente estuarinos e representantes da infauna do estuario da Lagoa dos Patos (Bemvenuti, 1998).
Modifi caciones producidas durante "El Nino" en la infauna bentonica de Areas someras del Ecosistema de Afloramiento Peruano.
In their study area there was a relatively large amount of phytodetritus and other organic matter as food sources, high standing benthic foraminiferal stock and diversity, a well developed deep infauna, and relatively high oxygen consumption rates.
How many of the following can you define: epifauna, sesile, crevices, infauna, substrate, planktonic, lecithotrophic, demersal, foraminiferan protozoans, macrofauna, meiofauna, abyssal plain, continental shelf, oscillate, flotsam and jetsam.
Yoldia limatula, a group of suspension-feeding marine clams, and Nereis diversicolor, a predatory marine polychaete will be added to sediment microcosms and a series of scans performed to determine how the infauna alters porosity.
In contrast, certain functional groups such as the infaunal invertebrate assemblage may contain more than one trophic level, as with tanaid crustaceans and some polychaetes that prey on other infauna (Reise 1979).
The importance of predation by crabs and fishes on benthic infauna in Chesapeake Bay.
However, fishes do eat benthic crustaceans, selecting them from the infauna, which is less accessible and has a more heterogeneous distribution.
Perhaps at even greater risk are the migrant shorebirds that consume members of the invertebrate infauna living within the substrate.