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The translocated population proliferated and is now estimated to be >70 million, of which 3%-30% are possibly infected by M.
When first infected, victims experience normal flu symptoms like fever and headache, but in a few days they develop pneumonia, an inflammation in which the lungs fill with fluid.
Danvers, who was infected by her ex-husband in 1984 and diagnosed five years later, can definitely relate.
By the time the sick lobsters had been infected for 6 weeks, all healthy lobsters refused to hide near their infected pals.
Or an infected human could carry the virus into the country via any airport or across any border.
As of February 2006,165 people have been infected worldwide with A (H5N1) and 88 have died.
In addition, an effective vaccine could boost an infected individual's immune response against HIV and help prolong the clinical latency period.
Upon the transfer of a patient colonized and/or infected with MRSA from a hospital, private facility or another facility to a nursing home or other long-term care facility, nursing and ancillary personnel need to understand that AROs are primarily opportunistic pathogens, in that they tend to cause infections in individuals who are debilitated and prone to the development of infectious complications, such as LTC residents.
The worm has remote control functionality through which the virus writer can control infected computers.
When enough infected prions deposit themselves in the brain, microscopic ruptures form in the brain cells.
They activate every time the infected file is executed by copying themselves into other executable files and then remain in memory.
Some 2 billion people -- one-third of the world's population -- are infected with the TB organism, Mycobacterium tuberculosis.