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This insignificant alteration in V ipsilateral amplitude may be explained by the fact that the V wave corresponds to the analysis of information at the level of inferior colliculus.
In Figure 4, the main collothalamic pathways are shown as relays from the colliculi (midbrain roof) to the thalamus; the visual and somatosensory/multisensory pathways are shown as running together from the superior colliculus, and the main auditory pathway is shown as running from the inferior colliculus.
He and Spitzer focused on a portion of the brain called the inferior colliculus, which is part of the area responsible for spatial perception.
He discovered that in the inferior colliculus of the brain of the barn owl there is a map of auditory space and he identified the computational principles and the neural mechanisms that underlie the workings of the map.
Quadrigeminal cistern lipoma: 25%, associated with underdevelopment of the inferior colliculus.

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