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1. Pathol any substance that passes into and accumulates within cells, tissues, or organs
2. Pathol a local anaesthetic solution injected into the tissues to cause local anaesthesia
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an accumulation in bodily tissues of cellular elements admixed with blood and lymph. Inflammatory and tumorous infiltrates occur most often.

An inflammatory infiltrate consists chiefly of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (suppurative infiltrate), erythrocytes (hemorrhagic infiltrate), lymphoid cells (round cell infiltrate), and histiocytes and plasma cells (histiocyte-plasma cell infiltrate). These infiltrates may be resolved, may liquefy, or may undergo sclerosis and form caverns, abscesses, scars, and so forth.

A tumorous infiltrate consists of tumor cells of different kinds (carcinoma, sarcoma); it is a manifestation of the infiltrating growth of a tumor. When an infiltrate forms, the tissue enlarges, changes color, and becomes harder and sometimes painful. In surgical practice, an infiltrate is an induration that develops in tissues when they become saturated with an anesthetic.


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The lesion was biopsied and histologic findings included ulceration composed of a chronic plasma cell-rich inflammatory infiltrate with rare, poorly formed granulomas.
Hence, we studied the epithelial thickness and chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate in various grades of oral submucous fibrosis and also to find out the correlation between these factors.
Periapical cysts with atrophic epithelial lining were related to moderate mononuclear inflammatory infiltrate in the cyst capsule.
Even though the infiltrate is considered sterile, it should be monitored closely over the following 24 hours to ensure that it is not early MK.
In Idleb southern countryside, the reporter said that army units conducted intense strikes against dens of the terrorist groups in the towns of al-Tah and al-Sha'ara in retaliation to their attempts to infiltrate towards the liberated areas, killing scores of terrorists.
Recent intelligence reports indicate that there is a surge in infiltration attempts being After the recent arrests and killing of terrorists who tried to infiltrate, there are intelligence inputs about small terror groups being sent from across the border
Unlike melanoma, ICN have a lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate mixed with eosinophils.
The border guards also thwarted an attempt by nine people to infiltrate from Syria into Jordan.
A highly dense, nodular, diffuse inflammatory infiltrate was observed at all levels of the dermis.
There are frequent attempts by armed Palestinians to infiltrate Jewish settlements in Gaza.
Over the past century, police have at various times been allowed to infiltrate and gather intelligence on a series of groups perceived as special threats, from anarchists to Bolsheviks to black nationalists to Old and New Left radicals, only to have such police activities later condemned and "regretted." The rhetoric of the "special threat" has in recent decades encompassed potential domestic terrorism, and now it focuses increasingly on perpetrators of "hate crimes."
Molten metal can infiltrate these cracks, as shown in Fig.