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1. Pathol any substance that passes into and accumulates within cells, tissues, or organs
2. Pathol a local anaesthetic solution injected into the tissues to cause local anaesthesia
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an accumulation in bodily tissues of cellular elements admixed with blood and lymph. Inflammatory and tumorous infiltrates occur most often.

An inflammatory infiltrate consists chiefly of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (suppurative infiltrate), erythrocytes (hemorrhagic infiltrate), lymphoid cells (round cell infiltrate), and histiocytes and plasma cells (histiocyte-plasma cell infiltrate). These infiltrates may be resolved, may liquefy, or may undergo sclerosis and form caverns, abscesses, scars, and so forth.

A tumorous infiltrate consists of tumor cells of different kinds (carcinoma, sarcoma); it is a manifestation of the infiltrating growth of a tumor. When an infiltrate forms, the tissue enlarges, changes color, and becomes harder and sometimes painful. In surgical practice, an infiltrate is an induration that develops in tissues when they become saturated with an anesthetic.


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Therefore, an accurate measurement of the infiltration is contingent to the accuracy of total flow rate measurement at the RAG.
One of the keys to porous pavement design is gauging the soil's infiltration rates.
Adopt a standard method for defining intravenous site appearance and staging of infiltrations for unit flow sheets and on-line documentation protocols (see Figure 2).
These measures are being planned for the International Border which has been more vulnerable to infiltrations and it will continue to be so in the future.
ivWatch said that the Model 400 is a first-of-its-kind continuous monitoring device that will improve patient care by quickly detecting common adverse events: IV infiltration and extravasation.
"These infiltration bids are not going to end, they will continue as long as the winters don't set in.
Thus, the purpose of this study was to compare the anaesthetic success rate of buccal infiltration combined with intraligamentary injections of 4% articaine and 2% lidocaine in mandibular molars with irreversible pulpitis.
In also Najran, the army repelled the Saudi army infiltration and their mercenaries on al-Tala'a and al-Shabaka sites, killing and injuring dozens also repelled their infiltration in Rashaha, killing and injuring dozens.
Already an FDA-cleared standalone device that can be integrated with any infusion pump or IV gravity infusion, the ivWatch Model 400 provides infiltration notifications through the Philips IntelliBridge EC10 Interface Module or IntelliBridge EC10 integral Interface Board with Open Interface Driver (ED101) and EC5 ID Module on MP40-90 and MX400-800 Philips patient monitors.
The device is a continuous monitor for a patient's IV and provides early detection of an infiltration when medication or fluid leaks outside the vein into the surrounding tissue.
Subjects were randomly allocated into two groups One group received 4% articaine buccal infiltration and the other group received inferior alveolar nerve block of 4% articaine.
Thirty patients received buccal infiltration of 1.7 ml of 4% articaine with 1:100,000 epinephrine and thirty patients received standard inferior alveolar nerve block with 1.8 ml of 2% lidocaine with 1:200,000 epinephrine.