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1. Pathol any substance that passes into and accumulates within cells, tissues, or organs
2. Pathol a local anaesthetic solution injected into the tissues to cause local anaesthesia



an accumulation in bodily tissues of cellular elements admixed with blood and lymph. Inflammatory and tumorous infiltrates occur most often.

An inflammatory infiltrate consists chiefly of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (suppurative infiltrate), erythrocytes (hemorrhagic infiltrate), lymphoid cells (round cell infiltrate), and histiocytes and plasma cells (histiocyte-plasma cell infiltrate). These infiltrates may be resolved, may liquefy, or may undergo sclerosis and form caverns, abscesses, scars, and so forth.

A tumorous infiltrate consists of tumor cells of different kinds (carcinoma, sarcoma); it is a manifestation of the infiltrating growth of a tumor. When an infiltrate forms, the tissue enlarges, changes color, and becomes harder and sometimes painful. In surgical practice, an infiltrate is an induration that develops in tissues when they become saturated with an anesthetic.


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At this point, the remaining North Korean infiltrators had no intention of surrendering, which left only one option: fight their way back north to the DMZ and the Fatherland.
Malcolm X's bodyguard, who gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after he was gunned down, was an NYPD infiltrator.
The radio said soldiers shot and killed one of the infiltrators and another jumped out a window.
Meanwhile, JAF official source yesterday also said it shot dead two border infiltrators at 6:30pm, who tried to illegally cross into the Kingdom from Syria .
The first stage of the fence is over and the second stage of including modern technology in monitoring and tracking infiltrators is being implemented," Al Ghamdi told Saudi daily Al Sharq Al Awsat.
Border guards have a humanitarian mission such as rescuing people from drowning and conducting first aid to sick infiltrators before transferring them to hospitals.
The infiltrators from diverse Asian countries will be referred to judicial authorities, the statement said.
Shokeh demanded protestors and demonstrators to prevent infiltrators from joining their ranks, so to keep their four-month old protests peaceful.
Participants were presented with updated infiltration data according to which, 11 infiltrators were detained last weekend and 129 since the beginning of the month.
The two Palestinians in Nahr al-Bared were killed by the Army after infiltrators attacked military posts, security sources said, adding that three soldiers and 10 Palestinians were also wounded.
Security services have captured 14 infiltrators of Ethiopia for entry into the Yemeni lands illegally while they were in Taiz.
The meeting took place a day after Saudi Arabia gave ultimatum to Yemeni infiltrators to leave the Kingdom's territory within 24 hours or face death.