infinite loop

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infinite loop

(Or "endless loop") Where a piece of program is executed repeatedly with no hope of stopping. This is nearly always because of a bug, e.g. if the condition for exiting the loop is wrong, though it may be intentional if the program is controlling an embedded system which is supposed to run continuously until it is turned off. The programmer may also intend the program to run until interrupted by the user. An endless loop may also be used as a last-resort error handler when no other action is appropriate. This is used in some operating system kernels following a panic.

A program executing an infinite loop is said to spin or buzz forever and goes catatonic. The program is "wound around the axle".

A standard joke has been made about each generation's exemplar of the ultra-fast machine: "The Cray-3 is so fast it can execute an infinite loop in under 2 seconds!"

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infinite loop

A series of instructions in a program that are constantly repeated. Also called an "endless loop," it may be intentional such as a never-ending demo on screen, or it may be a bug. Due to erroneous program logic, the computer is directed to instructions that keep pointing back to the start of a routine without any way of branching out. It commonly occurs when a programmer expects certain results from a compare instruction and all possible outcomes are not evaluated properly. See abend and bug.

Apple Inc., 1 Infinite Loop
To imply the never-ending creation of products, Apple's headquarters are located at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California.
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The first-ever Mattel-published, free-to-play game for the Hot Wheels franchise, Hot Wheels Infinite Loop reimagines the most famous Hot Wheels vehicles fans grew up with in a racing and car-collecting game for players ages 13 and above.
Called "Tiempo en colombia en vivo" on the Chrome Web Store, the rogue extension can be installed on a machine when the user visits certain sites; trying to leave a malicious site results in an infinite loop of dialog boxes cautioning the user that they can't leave the page until they install the extension.
It made a slight change in the infinite loop design, now extending to the top and bottom part of the smartphone.
Apple, 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014; 408.996.1010;; free.
A YouTuber who goes by the name Tester Junkies uploaded a video Wednesday showing Amazon's Alexa voice assistant caught in an infinite loop, pushing out the same phrase again and again.
The Infinite Loop ($12, "sour-based" and "apple") has unaged apple brandy, bourbon, Macintosh apple, lemon, mineral syrup, egg white, chamomile and hay essence.
"It is a recipe for an infinite loop of conferences and declarations." This was just one of several quotable quotes in his address -- expect to hear it being recycled time and again in forum after forum.
The continuous polling operation is executed within an infinite loop in the main routine and therefore it is desirable that the infinite loop should not contain time-consuming functions like delay functions.
Harsha's Punarapi Jananam Punarapi Maranam (2013), a 25-metre-long swirl of paint depicting the infinite loop of the known universe, as well as in Anish Kapoor's Descension (2014), a roaring whirlpool housed inside a room overlooking the serene expanse of the Indian Ocean.
The San Diego resident, who works from home, says he's stuck in an infinite loop of checking his phone for social media updates and e-mail.
(I see that Apple's address is 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California.) There's an official (at least) belief that what goes on here is for the good of humanity.

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