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Subject to easy ignition and rapid flaming combustion.
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Reducing safety risks by carrying out theoretical and applied research into improved system design for RACHP applications using inflammable refrigerants;
However, in a press release issued on their official Facebook Page , PCD said investigators confirmed that a "highly inflammable material" is the main cause of the fire.
Ahmad Hashem Behroozian, Head of Emergency and Crises Management Team and CEO of RTA's Licensing Agency, explained that the drill simulated a collision in the tunnel between two vehicles - one loaded with inflammable material and the other loaded with paint.
Senior police officer Inamdar said the incident took place in Mumbai's Lalbagh area, and added that there were highly inflammable substances inside the storage space.
Abundance of inflammable material like plastic and other chemical substances proved a perfect fuel to the fire.
As both the units had inflammable items, the fire started to spread beyond control.
These small factories manufacture goods using harmful chemicals and inflammable material.
Rahul, a native of Tindivanam, Tamil Nadu was recently admitted to Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital for burns reportedly caused by a rare medical phenomenon known as SHC wherein a person catches fire due to emission of inflammable substances through the body.
Un cocktail Molotov pour chaque citoyen On ose dire que l'Egypte vit l'ere du Molotov, une bouteille en verre partiellement remplie de liquide inflammable, habituellement essence ou alcool (generalement methanol ou ethanol).
If I'm honest, I felt the band leant too heavily on Inflammable Material, their iconic first album and I'd have liked a bit more of a spread.
Which inert inflammable gas is used in balloons as a safe alternative to other lighter-than-air gases?
Sharjah Civil Defence director general, Brigadier Abdullah Saeed Al Suwaidi who commanded the operation said that the contents of the warehouse were highly inflammable and that the owners did not follow proper storage procedures as per the Sharjah Civil Defence guidelines.