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Subject to easy ignition and rapid flaming combustion.
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The master of the vessel did not know the exact nature of the cargo, but we found that the ship was carrying petrol, inflammable gas and turpentine.
BNA) -- The First High Criminal Court today issued jail sentences ranging between five to fifteen years against three suspects over charges of attempting to murder a public official for carrying his set duties, and possessing inflammable materials, Chief Prosecutor Hamad Shaheen stated.
Clothes and other things nearby that are inflammable may also catch fire," Dr R Narayana Babu, head of the paediatrics department at KMC, (http://www.
All factories, companies, shops and centres in the emirate, particularly those which failed to observe the required precautionary measures were ordered to do away with the wrong practices such as haphazard and improper way of storing materials, especially the inflammable ones, and strictly adhere to the set standards.
The carrier has also implemented increased measures at the Sheremetyevo airport from which the carrier operates most and is conducting regular searches for explosives and inflammable substances according to Itar-Tass.
Little Nicole Masterton suffered 90 per cent burns when a bottle containing inflammable liquid exploded in the back garden of her home in Monifieth.
But as fire crews worked to deal with the damage, a nearby tanker began to leak gallons of a highly inflammable substance in a separate incident.
Rescue official Lee Hyong-kyun said: "If you ignite an inflammable liquid like gasoline inside a closed space, what you'll get is very close to an explosion.
But an inquest in Llangefni heard that on August 10, Mr Rowlands spilled the lighter fluid, leaving a cloud of inflammable vapour.
Inflammable has been disappointing so far this season but she will find few better opportunities to break her maiden tag than the Call 01636 814481 To Sponsor A Race Maiden Stakes.
The Crypt audience was unusually slow to get going, but the boys know what the audience wants and a set made up mainly of tracks from Inflammable Material, Nobody's Heroes and Go For It soon had them rocking in the pit.
The incident took place on Monday at 10pm when the 47-year-old man who was reportedly intoxicated at the time, poured inflammable material on top of his 58-year-old sister's car and set it on fire.