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Astrology an ethereal fluid or occult power regarded as emanating from the stars and affecting a person's actions, future, etc.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Astrologers often speak of the correlation between planetary positions and earthly events in terms of influence, as if the planets actually exert forces—analogous to gravity or magnetism—that cause a particular incident. If pressed for an explanation, however, the majority of professional astrologers would probably offer a different type of explanation, such as the Jungian notion of synchronicity.

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For anyone quoting Google ZMOT [Zero Moment of Truth, referring to influencing buying behavior online] back at me, remember that as useful as Google's suite of services may be, many decisions aren't the result of the last 30 days, nor the result of entirely digital actions.
Keller concluded, “At your fingertips (and inside your soul) is the information you need to focus and stay on track with your influence goals, the dynamics you need to understand, the people you're influencing, and the traps.
Analysis of Factors Influencing College Selection by Prospective Elite High School Basketball Players.
The school learning climate was also strongly related to students' education expectations at the 10th grade, suggesting the school climate may be a strong factor influencing the self perceptions and education expectations of urban 10th graders.
She describes and analyzes the seminal role played by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in influencing Mid-East policy.
The public, which ultimately pays the bills, has a right to know about all special interests influencing the decisions in City Hall.
These are two obvious examples of children influencing adult behavior, but subtler influences also exist.
Coaches have the opportunity to reward the game and our profession by positively influencing their brethren with their time, energy or resources.
They described how changing technological and economic factors were influencing the world of work, which, in turn, affected how practitioners conducted career assessment.
The current dominant paradigm influencing academic thought and government economic policy, neoclassical economics, focuses on the market forces that effect economic exchange.
Thus, when dealing with the teams in these situations, OSCs must preserve their continued efforts to collaboratively negotiate their perspectives and options by influencing them to accept any divisive outcomes in a palatable way, based on rationality and the needs of those to be influenced.
The accompanying qualitative study (Woodhouse, Jopling-Sayre, Livingood, 2001) helped to confirm the differences in enforcement among the counties that were studied and helped clarify the dynamics of how enforcement may have been influencing tobacco use behavior (reducing role modeling associated with young people smoking in high visibility locations).