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Astrology an ethereal fluid or occult power regarded as emanating from the stars and affecting a person's actions, future, etc.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Astrologers often speak of the correlation between planetary positions and earthly events in terms of influence, as if the planets actually exert forces—analogous to gravity or magnetism—that cause a particular incident. If pressed for an explanation, however, the majority of professional astrologers would probably offer a different type of explanation, such as the Jungian notion of synchronicity.

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Attacking centralized economies - most notably the Soviet and Nazi versions - was also the intent of several influential free-market economists of the 20th century (notably Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig von Mises) and, perhaps even more influentially, the libertarian novelist Ayn Rand.
Waley-Cohen said yesterday: "Long Run is going to Kelso as the ground is likely to be as good as you will find anywhere at the moment and, more influentially, the race conditions are very good for us.
SUTTON Coldfield people need to campaign against the common enemy of green belt building and the developer predators who own green belt land and who are strongly and influentially lobbying their friends in Government to change planning law to allow such building.
"We have not started the season as well as we would have liked, but I'm still confident we can climb the table." And though the first Wear-Tyne derby of the season is still more than a month away, Mavrias is eager to affect it as influentially as former United star Dabizas, who scored the winner in the corresponding game in February 2002, and who recommended Sunderland to his fellow countryman.
This book is a valuable, invaluable, insight into a good-hearted man who can be so doggedly determined as to occasionally stressfully undermine those close to himself: yet an influentially good man in many ways.
So sanctions will not work much influentially," he added.
Aside from the interest of its individual contributions, therefore, this volume is also valuable as a series of snapshots of the development of literary studies over the past forty years; as Simon Dentith reminds us in his essay, a Bakhtinian reading of Dickens's David Copperfield, the distinction between 'Literature' and 'the literary' is one which Widdowson influentially adumbrated in his volume Literature (1999).
Karl Rahner influentially claimed (especially in the opening chapter of The Trinity) that the "Western-Augustinian" tradition, much abetted by Aquinas, had dislodged the Trinity from its proper place as the central mystery of salvation, and turned it into an irrelevant technical puzzle.
The siting in Liverpool would also be bound to stimulate much more interest in the nearby Western Approaches HQ and Battle of the Atlantic museum, a cause I am pleased to see Peter Elson has influentially taken up with the National Trust.
335)--a bitterly paradoxical position for an intellectual who had once famously and influentially warned against the danger of 'Geist' selling out to 'Macht'.
The Catholic Church, for example, once influentially represented a large part of the population.
Since all these components are used effectively, it is a successful lesson in which constructivism is integrated influentially.