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A bot that serves as a common database of information (often noteworthy URLs) for users on a chat system. Infobots often have a simple chatbot interface, responding to key-phrases, as well as to direct queries.

Here, in a real conversation, the bot Purl's first response is triggered by the phrase "just tell me", and its second response is triggered by being directly asked "perlfunc?":

<eesh> can someone tell me what: $num9 = substr($number,9,1); means

<Tkil> eesh -- man perlfunc, look at "substr".

<eesh> just tell me

<purl> Didn't your momma ever tell you, "Go look it up in the dictionary"?!

<Tkil> eesh -- no. that's all we'll tell you. read the documentation.

<Tkil> eesh -- if you haven't man pages or perldoc, you can read them on the 'net.

<Tkil> purl, perlfunc?

<purl> well, perlfunc is Perl builtin functions, at man perlfunc or
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Infobot systems use prerecorded messages so that incoming phone calls are routed to the appropriate place or directed to a customer service representative.
InfoBot - Visitors may receive more information about Priority Call Management through email access at info@prioritycall.
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After much study, the panel selected Infobot from Syntellect in the fall of 1989.
As for customer satisfaction with the system, Smith points to Lomas' 25 percent completion rate, (the percentage of time the system answers the customer's inquiry) and adds that, "an infobot is trained to react to an inquiry just like an actual customer service representative, and this ensures the best possible customer service.
To serve them properly, Holmes says that after the initial Infobot greeting, a voice says in Spanish, "If you wish to speak to a Spanish-speaking person, press 2.
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Syntellect's proposal was easily the most competitive in the field, and CUNY's experience with the company's INFOBOT product line made us comfortable in choosing Syntellect as our supplier.
The company has more than 10,000 INFOBOT voice response systems and Dytel Call Center Gateway systems installed at more than 1,000 customer sites in corporate and institutional markets in over 35 countries.
Syntellect develops, markets and supports the INFOBOT family of IVR systems, VocalPoint voice processing systems and Dytel Call Center Gateway call processor.
The company has shipped more than 7,000 INFOBOT systems to nearly 950 customers, representing a wide variety of major corporate and institutional customers.
Syntellect is the interactive voice response leader worldwide with more than 6,000 INFOBOT IVR systems installed in 35 countries on five continents.