information highway

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information highway

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information superhighway

(1) A generic name for the Internet.

(2) A proposed high-speed communications system that was touted by the Clinton/Gore administration to enhance education in America in the 21st century. Its purpose was to help all citizens regardless of their income level. The Internet was originally cited as a model for this superhighway; however, with the explosion of the Web, the Internet became the information superhighway whether it was ready for it or not.

A Superhighway Below the Highway
Blacktop above, glass below. The backbone of the Internet is build on optical fibers, which have painstakingly been laid across the country and around the world starting in the 1970s and widely deployed in the 1990s. (Image courtesy of Metromedia Fiber Network.)
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Now, offenders throughout the state can actively participate in classes live via the North Carolina information highway.
In my own province, the telephone company provides a vivid example of this television mall-dom in a glossy publication it distributed on the advantages of the information highway. It includes the following brief scenario to illustrate the virtues of the information highway: "A child shops for an appropriate Father's Day gift at an electronic mall, safe at home in front of the TV" (Maritime Telephone and Telegraph, 1994, p.
[The information highway is] essential for Canada's success in a new global economy in which value, jobs and wealth are based on the creation, movement and application of information.
In the future, sales promotions and direct marketing will account for much of the traffic on the information highway.(16)
The General Assembly was all to familiar with Iowa's attempts at developing an information highway - $60 million for 317 sites.
Significantly, management was concerned about adverse publicity not just for Bell-Atlantic but, more importantly, for the information highway itself.
Many pharmacists have already entered the information highway through a "ramp" called Helix, the world's largest pharmacy communications service.
But back to the information highway. Jenq, whose doctorate is from Princeton University, wrote a paper on a "fast packet switch" about 10 years ago which analyzed the performance and capacity of possible high speed data transmission lines.
Just what is the information highway? The idea behind the concept is to combine the best features of existing technology in new ways.
Along with these innovations in presenting information, the national information highway, currently under construction, represents a revolutionary development in transmitting information.
Right now, this process is in its infancy and Canada's information highway is more reminiscent of a frontier trail.
Everybody's talking about the information highway. Who will be the players?

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