information requirements

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information requirements

[‚in·fər′mā·shən rə′kwīr·məns]
(computer science)
Actual or anticipated questions which may be posed to an information retrieval system.
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information requirements

The information needed to support a business or other activity. Systems analysts turn information requirements (the what and when) into functional specifications (the how) of an information system.

Details and Summaries
Requirements are typically defined as lists of detailed transactions, such as orders and purchases, as well as summarized data from master records, such as customers, vendors and employees. How frequently this information is made available is also part of the requirement.

A Group of Data Elements
The actual information is a collection of data elements that are obtained by running query and report programs against a particular database or group of databases. The data and information that are stored in the databases in the first place are also derived from the information requirements. See functional specification and desirement.

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DON component collections are governed by Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Instruction 5210.16, Department of the Navy (DON) Forms Management and Information Requirements (Reports) Management Programs, and SECNAV Manual 5214.1, Department of the Navy Information Requirements (Reports) Manual.
The commander and HTA also reviewed the information requirements at the nightly sync meetings, and this also enhanced the teamwork between the unit and the HTA.
Commander's Critical Information Requirements Friendly Force Information Requirements
CIS is a subject-related excerpt from CONF that's compiled according to the customer's wishes and is specifically tailored to the information requirements of the respective companies.
These are the transparency directive, on information requirements for securities issuers, and a regulatory package extending the committee structure regulating the securities sector since 2002 to banking, insurance and investment funds (UCITS).
Peter Gomez, manager of information requirements for Xcel Energy's Asset Management organization, will serve as the association's president-elect for the year.
determine the information requirements for the research question, problem, or issue
TEI also has concerns about the ability of a VIES system and EU businesses to provide the data at the same time when both taxpayers and governments are dealing with the information requirements resulting from the addition of 10 countries to the EU.
The new content selection system will allow customers to choose the titles included within their subscriptions, giving libraries choice and flexibility to meet their individual information requirements. Subscribers to xreferplus currently receive access to a set collection of 100 reference books provided by leading publishing brands.

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