information system

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information system

[‚in·fər′mā·shən ‚sis·təm]
Any means for communicating knowledge from one person to another, such as by simple verbal communication, punched-card systems, optical coincidence systems based on coordinate indexing, and completely computerized methods of storing, searching, and retrieving of information.

information system

A business application in the computer. It is made up of the database, application programs and manual and machine procedures. It also encompasses the computer systems that do the processing.

Processing the Data
The database stores the subjects of the business (master files) and its activities (transaction files). The application programs provide the data entry, updating, query and report processing.

The Procedures
The manual procedures document how data are obtained for input and how the system's output is distributed. Machine procedures instruct the computer how to perform scheduled activities, in which the output of one program is automatically fed into another.

Transaction Processing
The daily work is the online, interactive processing of the business transactions and updating of customer, inventory and vendor files (master files).

Batch Processing
At the end of the day or other period, programs print reports and update files that were not updated on a daily basis. Periodically, files must be updated for routine maintenance such as adding and deleting employees and making changes to product descriptions. See transaction processing.

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In contrast, most clinical information systems did not offer these benefits.
The ultimate value of a competitive information system should be measured against the total system cost.
In addition, the system offers Bernina the ability to expand its information system with additional application and data servers to support future growth.
It's up to the physician executive to make an informed choice when selecting a "next-generation" information system Look for systems that truly integrate (not merely interface) managed care components, clinical capabilities, and other features in a model that mimics the workflow of an actual practice.
And yet the financial executive you report to does not view information systems as a strategic resource.
In the ACI clinical workstation (ACI CWS) subproject, the familiar desktop metaphor is expanded to make a clinically intuitive information environment allowing easy navigation to all of our existing clinical information system elements, as well as reliable and consistent information presentation integrated by the specialized task at hand.
Information systems must be aligned with one mission: to help perfect the shared space between the healer (physician, clinician, provider) and the patient.
Picis' success in automating high-acuity care areas such as the emergency department fills a void between large enterprise IT vendors that lack expertise, medical device connectivity and vital features; and small, niche vendors that lack the resources and interfaces to enterprise information systems.
The SIS solution will allow Cedars-Sinai to achieve its organizational objectives, including ensuring the delivery of high quality, safe patient care, while improving patient, physician and staff satisfaction," says Bob Schlotman, vice president of Marketing for Surgical Information Systems.
Fuji Xerox Information Systems jointly developed C2MS with Fuji Xerox Learning Institute Inc.
RAJAJI: Please describe how your management information systems organizations get involved in setting corporate strategy.
Automated Crime Information Systems provides readers with excellent insight into the criminal identification processes and filing capabilities available to support law enforcement agencies.

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