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Historically, only the highest-quality small-business borrowers could obtain loans from distant banks, and Petersen and Rajan (2002) find that informationally opaque firms are located closer to their lenders.
The problem here is analogous: just as we might be irrationally confident, we might be disposed to react irrationally to our evidence in the imagined informationally ideal circumstances.
Error' in this context would probably be the event of fall from unconditional state of original consciousness-as-such to informationally conditioned existence
Reasons for why futures prices lead spot prices include the facts that futures markets are more informationally efficient, and they have lower transaction costs and higher liquidity.
It also contained the most explicit references seen here, not just sexually but simply informationally.
The empirical findings of this research support the notion that US institutional investors are not informationally deficient, since they respond more to shocks in fundamentals than to shocks in prices.
The Gao Brothers go to great lengths to organize or fabricate the subjects of their candy-colored Mao toy sculptures and large group shots, while Zhang Xianyong goes thoroughly overboard in his visually and informationally dense fantasies wherein Chinese Army soldiers reenact scenes from European wars--in cities that marry Paris to Shanghai, Beijing to London.
Under the Functional form (3), Models (1) and (2) are informationally equivalent, in the sense that the ordinary least squares residuals are the same, [[?
Disney enthusiast and Florida resident Laura Reiley has presented a compact, informationally enriched, and thoroughly 'user friendly' "Walt Disney World & Orlando" guidebook to all of the Disney attractions in all of the Disney 'worlds' (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studies, Disney's Animal Kingdom), as well as two other major recreations in Orland, Florida--Universal Studios Resort and SeaWorld Orlando.
The examples clearly show that inversion is unlikely whenever there is an informationally heavy predicate that takes end-position.
DNA, assembled in long, informationally rich threads called chromosomes, forms the genome of a species.

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