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informed consent,

in medicine, a patient's written consent to a surgical or medical procedure or other course of treatment, given after the physician has told the patient all of the potential benefits, risks, and alternatives involved. Informed consent is also required for participation in clinical studies. The concept of informed consent is based on the principle that a physician has a duty to disclose to a patient information that allows the patient to make a reasonable decision regarding his or her own treatment. There is debate over whether special populations, such as children and the mentally ill, can really be considered to have given informed consent.
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Courts have had difficulty with compelled speech challenges to informed consent statutes because of the intersection between speech and conduct.
(i) Where there is a medical emergency, the operation cannot be delayed, an otherwise legally competent child has given informed consent and a parent or guardian refuses consent.
After the patient, Shinal, sustained serious injuries during the procedure, he claimed that the doctor had not provided information necessary to allow him to give informed consent. (Injured patients sometimes sue doctors for failing to obtain informed consent, because doing so does not require a showing that the procedure itself was performed negligently.)
An earlier case heard by the same court had ruled that doctors, not hospitals, owe the legal duty to obtain informed consent.
Alternative B calls for a client's informed consent in writing, unless exempt due to exceptions such as representation consisting solely of telephone consultation or representation "provided by a lawyer employed by or participating in a program sponsored by a nonprofit organization, a bar association, an accredited law school, or a court and the lawyer's representation consists solely of providing information and advice or the preparation of court-approved legal forms."
The essence of my argument is that the ideas packaged by medical practitioners in the informed consent communication and delivered verbally are most likely vastly dissimilar from those extracted, understood and eventually internalised by the patient-upon which she eventually decides.
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Moreover, a busy ophthalmological surgeon must usually perform many elective eye surgeries each day, and the informed consent processes for these operations can vary greatly.
Optometrists can no longer be the primary source of consultation and informed consent for refractive surgery patients, owing to new General Medical Council (GMC) rules from 1 June that state a surgeon must only perform refractive surgery on a patient who they have personally consulted with prior to the day of surgery and allowed a sufficient 'cooling off' period.
This right is embodied in the ethical and legal obligation of informed consent: the right to consent necessarily has a corollary right to refuse.