infrared wavelengths

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infrared wavelengths

Following are the infrared wavelength range divisions according to the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) and common subdivisions. See infrared.

   Major       Wavelength  Division   (micrometers)

   IR-A        .7 - 1.4

   IR-B       1.4 - 3

   IR-C         3 - 1,000

WavelengthCommon Subdivisions   (micrometers)

   NIR (Near IR)           .75 - 1.4
     Fiber optic telecom

   SWIR (Short WL IR)      1.4 - 3
     Fiber optic telecom

   MWIR (Mid WL IR)          3 - 8
     Heat seeking missles

   LWIR (Long LW IR)         8 - 15
     Thermal imaging
     Forward-looking IR systems ( FLIR)

   FIR  (Far IR)            15 - 1,000
     Lasers, spectroscopy

   WL = wavelength
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They observed the event at infrared wavelengths, where the planet is at its brightest compared to the star.
That's because each infrared wavelength that Spitzer detects from a patch of star-circling dust corresponds to a specific temperature.
To gauge the galaxy's mass, Mobasher's team observed the brightness at several infrared wavelengths. The infrared glow comes from the galaxy's predominant stellar population--low-mass stars.
Paris, July 14 (ANI): Venus Express has charted the first map of the planet's southern hemisphere at infrared wavelengths, which hints that Venus may once have been more Earth-like, with both, a plate tectonics system and an ocean of water.
This radiation heats the surrounding gas and dust, causing it to glow at infrared wavelengths. The Spitzer Space Telescope, which orbits Earth, detected the infrared radiation.
Image colors arise from blue, green, and red being assigned to the J, H, and Ks infrared wavelengths, respectively.
The telescope can easily find disks because the dust within them absorbs visible light from their parent stars and reemits the radiation at infrared wavelengths.
These Hubble observations are trailblazing a path for Hubble's successor, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), which will look even farther into the universe than Hubble, at infrared wavelengths.
A spectrometer on Express provided snapshots of the double vortex at various depths by observing the storm at several infrared wavelengths. The instrument reveals that the temperature and cloud density associated with the vortex vary with altitude.
On the other hand, silicon performs exceptionally well as a conductor of light at the infrared wavelengths used for telecommunications, says Mario J.
Becklin (University of California, Los Angeles) and Mukremin Kilic (University of Texas) found that GD 362 is a few percent brighter at infrared wavelengths than one would expect from its white-hot 9,740[degrees] Kelvin surface.