infrared wavelengths

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infrared wavelengths

Following are the infrared wavelength range divisions according to the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) and common subdivisions. See infrared.

   Major       Wavelength  Division   (micrometers)

   IR-A        .7 - 1.4

   IR-B       1.4 - 3

   IR-C         3 - 1,000

WavelengthCommon Subdivisions   (micrometers)

   NIR (Near IR)           .75 - 1.4
     Fiber optic telecom

   SWIR (Short WL IR)      1.4 - 3
     Fiber optic telecom

   MWIR (Mid WL IR)          3 - 8
     Heat seeking missles

   LWIR (Long LW IR)         8 - 15
     Thermal imaging
     Forward-looking IR systems ( FLIR)

   FIR  (Far IR)            15 - 1,000
     Lasers, spectroscopy

   WL = wavelength
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Although the exact cause behind this discrepancy is not yet clear, NASA has put forward a theory - Titan's hazy atmosphere may be much easier to see through at the longer infrared wavelengths that VIMS is sensitive to than at the shorter wavelength used by ISS.
Bell Labs, the research and development arm of Lucent Technologies Inc, has built a semiconductor laser that emits light continuously and reliably over a broad spectrum of infrared wavelengths.
The SHARP system is an all-digital tactical reconnaissance system capable of wide-area coverage at long ranges in both visible and infrared wavelengths.
With its new Colorcomp Infrared (IR) colorants, LNP now offers custom compounding of broadband infrared filters designed to preferentially allow specific infrared wavelengths to pass through a plastic part.
However, dust particles manage to survive beyond the reach of the most intense radiation, and unlike the high-energy flares from black holes, the radiation emitted by this surviving dust is at longer, infrared wavelengths.
SOFIAs Program Scientist Pam Marcum noted that these spectra of Nova Delphinum could only be obtained by SOFIA, not by any observatory on the ground or currently in space, because of SOFIAs unique access to the specific range of infrared wavelengths needed for these measurements.
Since dust extinction effects are small at these infrared wavelengths, the method can detect even deeply buried, active SMBHs, which are elusive in optical wavelengths.
edu) may have a hand in this: its scientists have developed a next-generation camera that can be tuned to simultaneously absorb a range of infrared wavelengths and infrared bands.
WISE is devoted to finding cold or dusty objects that emit most of their light at infrared wavelengths.
These brown dwarfs gradually cool off until they are only detectable at infrared wavelengths.
At maximum temperature, halogen tubes emit most of their energy as infrared wavelengths of 1 micron.