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When a spihe of nail becomes embedded in the side of the toe (an ingrowing toes nail) this may become infected with redness and pus being the obvious signs as well as being very painful.
Chemical matricectomy with phenol for the treatment of ingrowing toenail: a review of the literature and follow-up of 172 treated patients.
Chemical matricectomy with 10% Sodium Hydroxide for the treatment of ingrowing toenails.
The problem, simply put, can be attributed to coarse, curly hair that is formed in curved follicles and when shaved too closely at acute angles creates needlepoint-like tips that easily reenter the skin, causing razor bumps or ingrowing hairs, a condition referred to medically as pseudofoliculits barbae, or simply PFB.
LOCSU has warned that A&E units are under pressure from patients with minor eye health conditions, such as dry or red eyes, ingrowing eyelashes, displaced contact lenses and conjunctivitis.
She was found to be extremely emaciated and had a swollen stomach and ingrowing nails.
He was ruled out of Saturday's goalless draw due to the after effects of an operation to remove an ingrowing toenail.
So as a health professional, she has all the credentials to deal with everything from foot disorders, to corns, calluses, dry, cracked skin, verrucas and ingrowing toenails - but just makes the whole experience of foot treatments much more pleasant in fab surroundings.
Paramedics also complained after being sent to deal with minor problems, such as an ingrowing toenail.
Objectives To compare the results of surgical treatment of ingrowing toenail with nail excision with chemical matricectomy versus nail excision alone.
He was disqualified on November 9, 2009, from keeping animals for 10 years following a conviction for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal when his emaciated dog was discovered with ingrowing toenails and growths on its abdomen.