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disposal of a corpse in a gravegrave,
space excavated in the earth or rock for the burial of a corpse. When a grave is marked by a protective or memorial structure it is often referred to as a tomb. See burial; funeral customs.
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 or tombtomb,
vault or chamber constructed either partly or entirely above ground as a place of interment. Although it is often used as a synonym for grave, the word is derived from the Greek tymbos [burial ground]. It may also designate a memorial shrine erected above a grave.
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. The first evidence of deliberate burial was found in European caves of the Paleolithic period. Prehistoric discoveries include both individual and communal burials, the latter indicating that pits or ossuaries were unsealed for later use or that servants or members of the family were slain to accompany the deceased. Both practices have been followed by various peoples into modern times. The ancient Egyptians developed the coffin to keep bodies from touching the earth; this burial practice was continued by the Greeks and Romans when they used the burial form of disposal. The word burial has been applied to funerary practices other than interment, such as sea burial, or tree burial (which usually precedes later interment). Secondary burial frequently occurs to terminate a period of mourning (see funeral customsfuneral customs,
rituals surrounding the death of a human being and the subsequent disposition of the corpse. Such rites may serve to mark the passage of a person from life into death, to secure the welfare of the dead, to comfort the living, and to protect the living from the
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). See also cemeterycemetery,
name used by early Christians to designate a place for burying the dead. First applied in Christian burials in the Roman catacombs, the word cemetery came into general usage in the 15th cent.
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What does it mean when you dream about burial?

A dream about attending someone’s burial service may symbolize bidding farewell to old conditions and relationships in the dreamer’s life. (See also Coffin, Crypt, Dead/Death, Grave, Hearse).

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Dreaming about funerals or burying a dead person does not necessarily symbolize physical death for you or anyone else. It could instead symbolize an ending of a different kind. You may be burying relationships, conditions, or even emotions that you no longer need and which are no longer conducive to your personal growth. On the other hand, this dream may symbolize the burying of sensitivities and emotions that are too difficult to cope with. It may reflect numbness or a feeling that is the opposite of vivacity, such as depression and emptiness. Either way, burying a living person suggests some emotional turmoil. Please consider all of the details in this dream to find the appropriate message. Old dream interpretation books say that dreaming about burials is a dream of the contrary. Instead of sadness the dreamer will experience happiness and go to celebrations, such as weddings.
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Mais se savant tres malade et donc proche de la mort, celui-ci avait fait part officiellement l'annee derniere, de son refus d'etre inhume dans la necropole royale de la cathedrale de Roskilde ou reposera son epouse au motif que n'ayant pas ete son egal dans la vie, il n'y avait aucune raison pour qu'il le devienne dans la mort.
L'Union a precise que le defunt, ne en 1955 a Meknes, s'est eteint a Ain Karma (environs de Meknes), et a ete inhume au cimetiere de Sidi Ayad Soussi.
Selon son fils Serdar, il sera inhume lors de funerailles officielles mardi auxquelles assistera le president turc Abdullah GE-l, d'apres la chaEne privee NTV.
Le defunt sera inhume mercredi apres la priere d'Al dohr au cimetiere de Sidi Yahia
Le defunt, defenseur de l'identite marocaine dans sa profondeur et sa diversite, sera inhume jeudi.
A Teheran, une foule importante a participe aux obseques de Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan a l'issue de la priere hebdomadaire et le scientifique a ete inhume dans un cimetiere du nord de Teheran.
Age de 78 ans, il devrait etre rapatrie dans les prochains jours pour etre inhume au Maroc, sans doute dans sa ville d'origine, Marrakech .
Le president du Conseil local des oulemas de la prefecture de Mdiq-Fnideq, l'erudit Ismail Al-Khatib, decede samedi soir dans une clinique a Tetouan, a ete inhume dimanche au cimetiere Sidi El Mandri de la ville, dans une atmosphere de grande emotion et en presence d'un grand nombre de personnes.