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Certainly following the airways and the MEAs, and then descending over an initial approach fix or hold would be best.
When I select the initial approach fix, Pilot sometimes loses the "binder" for the destination airport on the map split screen.
We had fuel planned to meet the requirements of 3710 (takeoff to destination initial approach fix and to an alternate plus 10 percent or 20 minutes at maximum endurance at 10,000 feet) with not a drop to spare.
The good news about this plan was the VOR/DME procedure we wanted to fly into Winter Haven used LAL as an initial approach fix. The middling news was we were doing this at 2700 feet msl, 700 feet above the minimum crossing altitude at LAL, to stay above KLALs Class D, which tops out at 2600.
Approach control vectored as to the initial approach fix, and we descended to the minimum-vectoring altitude.
In other words, "Except when being radar vectored to the final approach course, or otherwise directed through an appropriate air traffic control (ATC) clearance to a specific IAP, pilots must execute the entire IAP commencing at an initial approach fix or associated feeder route and fly the initial segment, the intermediate segment, and the final segment of an IAP."
Previously, there were two basic ways to join an approach, 1) Fly the full procedure starting from a charted route, feeder route, or Initial Approach Fix (IAF); or, 2) Get vectored to the final approach course.
In the meantime, the copilot contacted ATC and requested an immediate level off at 9,000 feet and clearance direct to the initial approach fix for holding to troubleshoot.
You can climb out direct to Alpine, an initial approach fix that's also the final approach fix on the ILS.
The initial segment of an approach is designed to transition aircraft from the enroute environment to the intermediate segment of the approach, and the initial segment begins with the initial approach fix (IAF).
Instead of thinking of an instrument approach procedure (IAP) as a single procedure from an initial approach fix (IAF) through the missed approach point (MAP) to the missed approach holding fix.

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