initial grade

natural grade

The elevation of the original or undisturbed natural surface of the ground.
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A typical initial Grade 4 reaction to liabilities is to just stop industrial development to save wildlife habitat," says Jennifer Janzen, who takes Alberta Tomorrow into elementary, junior high and high school classrooms all over the province as executive director of the Alberta Tomorrow Foundation.
The initial grade one hamstring was helped by George's own attitude and work, and it's great to have someone of his physicality.
The initial grade point averages will then be combined with the ELT and other scores to form the basis of selection for the 13th batch of scholarship recipients, which will be announced next March.
Three new grades of Lexan EXL PC-silicone copolymer with PCR content of 10% to 80% join the initial grade launched at NPE '09.
The initial grade of Topas elastomer has a hardness of 89 Shore A.
The result of gravity pre-concentration was to upgrade the natural rutile being processed from an initial grade of 2.
Aran Concerto missed his initial Grade 1 target over fences, the Drinmore at Fairyhouse, and has been given plenty of time to come to hand by Meade, who hopes to run him in the Powers Gold Cup at Fairyhouse on Easter Sunday, if everything goes to plan on Saturday.
KING OF THE ROXY recorded his initial Grade 1 victory in the Futurity Stakes at Belmont Park on Saturday, writes Dan Farley.
The fact that these grades were significantly different from the initial grade when the patients first sought medical attention is important.
When muscles with a 30 day initial grade of zero and those with an initial grade of 1 or 2 were compared, a smaller percentage of 0 grade muscles recovered functional strength compared to muscles with an initial grade of 1 or 2.
Specifically, the data gathered from the files included gender, initial grade level, local school district, initial primary category of disability, number of concurrent classifications, whether therapy was received and the type of therapy, whether consultative or classroom services were received and the type of service received, and the total number of minutes in therapy and classroom services each week.
These grades are significantly different from the initial grade at which each of the patients first sought medical attention.
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