initial point

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initial point (IP)

i. A well-defined point, easily distinguishable visually and/or electronically, used as a starting point for the run-in to the target.
ii. A point close to the landing area where serials (troop carrier air formations) make final alterations to the course to pass over individual drop or landing zones.
iii. That point from which any survey is initiated. Also called the point of origin.
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Let ([xi](t), [eta](t),[eta](t)) be the T-periodic solution of the system (6) with the initial point [C.sub.0]([h.sub.1], [[eta].sub.0]); the closed orbit corresponding to the periodic solution is the curve [C.sub.0][C.sub.1][C.sub.11] ...
Let [alpha] ([lambda], [[alpha].sub.0]) denote the computed optimal solution of (SS) obtained via a local algorithm starting with the initial point [[alpha].sub.0] and using the noise distribution [p.sub.N] (.;[lambda]).
'The ninth observation post in the town of Morek remains in its initial point despite the city's fall.
Boothroyd also set out to further justify why he had not picked Foden for the Romania game after his initial point that he was saving him for other games in the tournament was criticised.
With a sympathetic, caring and professional service they can help from the initial point of contact to the distribution of the estate.
The initial point of contact happens through WhatsApp where the child is given instructions (the 'challenge') that result to self-harm.
This brings me back to my initial point: why is a statue of Rhodri Morgan proposed looking out over something he despised and rejected?
On the calculation of property gains for units purchased before 2000, Lim said his ministry will use the market price on January 1 of the year as the initial point of valuation.

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