initial point

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initial point (IP)

i. A well-defined point, easily distinguishable visually and/or electronically, used as a starting point for the run-in to the target.
ii. A point close to the landing area where serials (troop carrier air formations) make final alterations to the course to pass over individual drop or landing zones.
iii. That point from which any survey is initiated. Also called the point of origin.
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US] to estimate time-delay values of different paths and take them as an initial point for the optimization procedure.
The solid lines in Figure 1 are the state trajectory with the same initial point under the dual-mode controller.
The plastic will flow through wire channels in a laminar manner, so the resin around the initial point of failure will be more burned (degraded).
After winning the second set with a thrilling rally during the tie-break, Agassi lost the first four games of the third but after dropping the initial point of the fifth game, he opted to change rackets.
Negotiations are now taking place with the various existing business links across the region on how firstly an initial point of contact is to be provided, and then how the actual support and advice service is to be delivered.
of Michigan-Ann Arbor) offers an initial point of reference on the working of Greek sanctuaries and their place in ancient Greek society, as a foundation of more detailed and scholarly studies.
Those young families are going to need decent, accessible schools for their children, and all of these people are going to need access to grocery shopping and, bringing us back to our initial point, places to park their cars.
The initial point to be made here is that the church can no more quote the decrees of the OT and impose them on Christians than it can dismiss them out of hand.
It is easy to conclude from here that when the initial point from where we started optimization is close to some point in the Pareto region, only the Pareto points close to the initial point will be taken into account.
There will still be the option of standing by for an earlier or later domestic flight on the same day at no cost, and an enhancement to the complimentary standby option will place customers on the standby lists for both their first flight and their domestic connecting flight at their initial point of check-in.
great circles: If a vector is pinned onto a sphere and then transported along a meridian to the equator, for some angle [alpha] along the equator and back to the initial point without changing its length and its direction in the tangent plane to the surface of the sphere, the vector will point in a different direction with a relative angle of [alpha] as the holonomy associated with the loop.
They also have the public library as the initial point of contact, reinforcing the importance of the local librarian.

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