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Tack values on cold set ink can run as low as 3.0 on an Inkometer; in comparison, a high-end sheet-fed ink may have a value approaching 20.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Offset Book Black (Type 2) Ink For Sheet Feeder Machine Viscosity, at 27 2C, in porse, Tack, for 3 inch, at inkometer speed, Drying time, Max in mm
Over 25 years experience serving the ink industry Inkometer parts and repair, electionic upgrades.
Many parts of this method read like a Thwing Albert Inkometer manual and since there are a variety of manufacturers, this method needs to be more generic.
Thwing-Albert Instrument Company announced the release of the Inkometer 1100.
He was a permanent member of the ASTM D-56 committee, where he was involved writing the standard for Inkometer operation.
For example, in order to determine the tack of a conventional versus UV ink, the same inkometer may be used, but the durometer and composition of the rollers is different.
The color differences were determined by placing a piece of white chart paper underneath the inkometer rollers during the tack test.
"The Inkometer has been around since I started," Mr.
He is also credited with developing the mist test using the modified Inkometer that is now prescribed by NAPIM.
Tasker's "Standardization of Inkometer," and "Good Manufacturing Practices for the Manufacture of Food Contact Inks," by Jerry Napiecek of Colorcon, NoTox Products.
Some of the equipment used at the Langhorne facility include: grind gauge, Haake rotoviscosimeter, electronic inkometer, data color spectrophotometer, 3-roll lab mill, fadeometer and corona lab treater.