inner bead

inside stop, bead stop, inner bead, stop bead, window bead, window stop

In a double-hung window, a strip of wood fixed to the casing, along the inner edge of the inner sash; restricts the motion of the sash to a vertical plane.
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The new mill is equipped with a solid state high frequency welder (Thermatool, UK) for high frequency solid state induction welding, seam annealing and on-line inner bead trimming system.
Rays wheels were modified to add serrations on the inner bead to keep the wheel from spinning inside the tire, and the spokes were strengthened to prevent them from twisting under hard cornering as they had while testing at Germany's Nurburgring.
No wave reflections are generated except those reflected from an air-plastic interface at the inner bead.
This is relatively simple for the outer weld bead, but troublesome and time-consuming for the inner bead.