inner casing

inside casing, interior casing

inside casing
The inside trim around the interior of a door or window frame.
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The thinner cover allowed Titleist to increase the thickness of the inner casing (also known as the mantle) by 14 percent in the Pro V1 and 11 percent in the Pro V1x.
The Dual Layer Case has a hard, impact-resistant outer shell and a textured, silicone inner casing to absorb shocks from dropping the phone or other collisions.
New turbine modules utilising the latest blading technology are being fitted inside the outer casings at Drax, displacing the original rotor and inner casing. The casings are designed to operate with an inlet steam pressure of just over 1 ton one per square inch and a maximum temperature of 565[degrees]C.
"The nut itself won't break because of the hard exterior, the outer shell that protects the softer inner casing that in-turn protects the walnut, the walnut being you, the occupant."
Unknown to the crew, the engine had overheated and burned through the inner casing of the engine compartment, nearly burning through the outer casing as well.
A disposable absorbent article, such as a diaper or incontinence product, made from an outer casing layer, an inner casing layer and an absorbent pad enclosed between the inner and outer layers was patented.
After breaching the outer casing with explosive, the SATO found the inner casing full of seawater.
Parts for the Encina upgrade, including a fully bladed low-pressure motor and an inner casing, were manufactured in Milwaukee and Germany.
These gravel-packed wells consist of an inner casing and screen (usually between 12 and 24 in.
A 10-metre section of the inner casing of the East Wall collapsed during preliminary work on construction of the city's planned Millennium Complex.